A Conversation for Things to Do if You Are Stuck at London Heathrow Airport

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Santragenius V

That is an extensive airport guide if I ever saw one... smiley - biggrin

I don't go through Heathrow much anymore - the Copenhagen-London lowfare option goes via Stansted.

But I have done my share - enough to actually list Heathrow as one of the airports I enjoy least (which is a very moderate way of putting it smiley - winkeye).

On hair-pulling incident was back in the days where you had to clear your luggage through customs before flying on on a domestic flight. I had two hours or so between flights - but had to wait more than one hour for my luggage to appear on the belt. AND spend that time looking at a poster saying "London Heathrow. The world's most successful airport"

smiley - bleep

There was a thread somewhere once about business travelling. Maybe it's an idea to collect such stuff as this somewhere...?

*starts thinking - ever so slowly*

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a girl called Ben

Stansted -

I have never actually flown out from Stansted, but it is worse than LHR in many respects, because the low-fair airlines make you put up with longer queues and much worse congestion. Have you ever flown to Stockholm Skavsta? Surreally small.


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a girl called Ben

Oh - and the other reason I dislike Stansted is that I can get to LHR in about 1hr30 at a push. Stansted is 2hr30, plus however long you spend stranded on the M25. Sorry for being so snippy.

Thanks for posting. smiley - ok


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Santragenius V

Well - I don't like Stansted enough to drive an extra hour for it smiley - winkeye

I've been queued as bad in Heathrow as in Stansted - in fact, I once very politely (or so I thought) asked if there was a reason for operating only two out of eight Xrays with about 8 people working at each of them while the queue was veeery long backwards - and they had 4 or 6 machines not operating...

Not only didn't I get an explanation, they downright told me off for interfering in their business....

But all things said, the queue through security in Stansted can take a while, that's true enough.

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