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winter driving suplies (self heating coffee}

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where I live (in usa) you can get self heating coffee and some times soup. they come in a specal can with a bottom conpartment containg cemcals that react to produce heat.I have about a 20 mile comute so I keep one of these in my car all winter.they last about a year so I use it some time in the spring and repace it before bad wether season.
If you get stuck or brake down a warm drink is great the can will stay warm long after the contents are drunk to warm hands ect.they are pricey ( 5 $ )but if you only use one a year it is well worth it.

winter driving suplies (self heating coffee}

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That sounds like a fantastic idea. I've heard of them but never seen one. Then again, it rarely gets this cold in the UK (we've been having unusually cold weather this winter).

Welcome to h2g2, by the way!

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winter driving suplies (self heating coffee}

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