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Oetzi Oetztaler....Anti Apartheid

In icey times a motor vehicle which has stood outside for a few hours can become like an ice tomb.

The ice penetrates and coats every surface and crevice. You can not enter because the doors are frozen shut. You can't even use the key to enter. The locks ice up.

Try using a hair drier or electric hot air gun. Used with care this method may take 20 minutes but it will work well. The hot air will melt the ice and all your troubles will go.


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that's a good idea for getting into locks, there is also lock de-icer you can buy - more expensive if you already own a hot air gun or blow dryer, but infinitely more portable.

i would caution against using hot air from a gun or dryer on windows, however. as the ice melts and the hot air comes into contact with the cold glass the glass can bust, especially if there is already a crack or chip in the glass. several years ago i busted the windscreen of my truck with nothing more than the defroster, which generally doesn't get nearly as hot as a dryer or hot air gun.

alternately i've seen people put a covering over the windscreen when they know bad weather is coming so they can just remove it and be off. i've never tried this so i can't attest to how well it works.


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Bleedin'! I've been driving in Canadian winters for decades with nights going down to -40 Celsius and I've never, ever, in all that time had to de-ice my locks. What is this? The only people around here who have to do this ridiculous lock de-icing are the ones who insist on driving through a car wash in the dead of winter. To my mind, that's as stupid as the guy who decided to de-ice his lock by wrapping his lips around it and blowing.*

*needless to say, his lips froze to the door.smiley - rofl


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smiley - laugh
that would have made for an entertaining photo!

i haven't ever had to de-ice my locks, but back when i carried a lighter i would occasionally heat my key before putting it in the lock.

i have more problems with windows that freeze shut, power window mechanisms that freeze up, or power windows that use all their power to go down and don't have enough to get back up. smiley - brr

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