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As a newcomer to binoculars and keen on country walks while working away and watching wildlife in back garden I ventured into the world of binos.
I was very late buying them and only had time to go to Argos so bought a pair of Praktica 10-30 compact zooms for £50. They were great on the short zoom image wise but difficult to hold steady without using my camera monopod which worked really well, the long end of zoom was fairly dark too. I changed them for a pair of rubberised 10x50 Praktica's which as heavier are easier to hold steady, they also feel stronger than plastic Praktica zooms. They were marked as for "birdwatching" so seem to be OK. I agree with other comments on here that heavier rubberised binos maybe better for birdwatching than too lightweight and not as strong plastic compact binoculars.
The only disadvantage of the rubberised larger ones is the closest focusing distance is 6 metres , which actually maybe even further, so I have ordered a cheaper pair of compact binos for use in my backgarden as have a closest focusing distance of around only 10 feet.
I really enjoyed using the 10x50 rubberised Praktica £40 binoculars and really saw a lot more of wildlife. I am a beginner at birdwatching and the binos helped me tell that what I thought was a white seagull way across a field was actually the first ever Barn Owl I have ever seen! A really well spent £40, it is a fair amount to spend as although £600 Nikon vibration reduction binoculars are no doubt fantastic, it is a lot for a beginner to spend.

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