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Optical safety

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My old Physics master, Mr Milton bless him, used to tell us this safety tip each time we approached the school telescope:

"Remember lad, you can look at the Sun with a telescope twice; once with the left eye and once with right".

My contribution to this topic is - with binoculars, you can only look at the Sun once.

Of course, if you have paid a king's ransom for a pair with lens covers, you might get away with it.

Happy watching.

Optical safety

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Wee bit late in joining this topic of converstion, in must be honest I am an 'old ' new-boy.I completely agree with the relevant points re specific types of binnoculars 'horses for courses' as it were. My own pair of BINS are Nikon 7 x 35 ideal for bird (feathered) watching.. To come to the main point, I once owned a decent pair which were severely distorted by leaving them quite carelessly on the rear shelf of my car in blazing sunshine...Lesson learned ..expensively.. am I the only one ????
Interesting stuff never-the-less..............

Optical safety

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My apologies for the stupid errors, please read, " I must be honest" for in must be honest . and' conversation' for the 'garbled' version Many thanks

Optical safety

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Gnomon - time to move on

Hi Phoenix-42! Thanks for the advice. Yes, there are plenty of things you shouldn't leave in strong sunlight, including any sort of electronics, optical equipment and anything with plastic in it.

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