A Conversation for Baths and the Art of Bathing in the UK


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This article isn't finished!!

The section on Bathing Particulars has what appears to be a note to remind the author what he plans to write there.

How is it that an unfinished article gets mentioned on the 1st page?!

I don't even recall seeing this one in peer review.


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The H2G2 Editors

The note refers to the subsections that follow it.

Perhaps you missed the Peer Review discussion - F106809?thread=291448


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The Apprentice

Woe is me... This piece was, in fact, rescued from the Flea Market - so its been through Peer Review twice. I had the pleasure of rescuing it and kicking it into shape (what with the scum-laden baths of my youth).

The notes at the end are very much notes for the reader - not the writer.

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The Apprentice
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Ferrettbadger. The Renegade Master

Hooray for baths smiley - smiley

I have a lovely flat which is great in every aspect except it does not have a bath smiley - blue. Whilst I like showers for day to day use, after football or when it is very cold I really miss being able to have a nice bath.


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I wasn't speaking about the footnotes. I know what they are.

Its just the 'paragraph' that reads

"Bathing Particulars

A few notes on this:"

seemed a bit imcomplete as if the author had planned to write more in between the header and the subheader.

The one line seems rather insufficient, IMO.



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The Apprentice

"...as if the author..."

Well... I'm the author and that's the way its meant to be. Trust me on this... smiley - biggrin

The Apprentice
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