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Criterion is making my collection redundant.

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The Left Reverend Doktor Baron Grim

I love the Criterion Collection. I really do. But they are making me replace too many DVDs. I really enjoyed Gilliam's (and Depp's and Del Toro's) work on this movie. I've been a fan of this book for about 20 years. So of course I bought the Universal version as soon as it came out. I try not to buy any DVD unless it is loaded with extras or if I feel fairly certain that a "special" edition will not be following. But it's not easy to know. I'm just happy I never bought Terminator II. I think it has been rereleased about 4 times now.

Oh... one note: Acostas is not Samoan. Dr. Gonzo (Lazlo for those stuck on "Buffalo"), his alias in F&LiLV, was described by Thompson as Samoan in a very thin attempt to hide his identity. Since this article mentions Hunter's interest in the Chicano community I'm sure the author knew this, but it wasn't quite clear. Otherwise a nice, if brief, article. smiley - ok

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Criterion is making my collection redundant.

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