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Have you been to Zanesville, OH?

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I was just wondering if you have been to Zanesville...it seems not by what I have read.
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Have you been to Zanesville, OH?

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Agent X

You may not believe your luck in me replying to this (and so quickly), I have not logged on here for two years! And just today it struck me to check things out again.

To get to your question, yes. I grew up in Ztown, went to Maysville H.S. and my family and friends are back there. But, I was looking over this article again and I bet it is a little outdated now, it was posted 3years ago, and I live in Fl now so I don't know the all the new things going on, just what I get from friends and my short trips home.

I think I may be getting back on here more often now and if you would like to help edit this with me that would be great. Though it may take me a bit to get back into the swing of this site.

Also, I see that your new around here. So, WELCOME!!!! smiley - aliensmile

Your Friendly neighborhood smiley - bluefish

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Have you been to Zanesville, OH?

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