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Migraine aura - related?

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This is interesting, as I regularly get something related but slightly different (ref. discussion http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/brunel/F105163?thread=4353053&post=50795169)and while doctor and optician have said it's nothing to get worked up about, I'm curious/hypochondriac enough to wonder what the heck causes it. Most interesting Entry!

Migraine aura - related?

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Vicki Virago - Proud Mother

Hi AgProv

Aura's in migraines aren't related to SUNCTS. I only know about SUNCTS because my Uncle has it.

As for the Aura in miraines, I get these. What happenes is that just before a migraine attack, the veins at the back of your neck tighten which causes visual disturbances. Once the aura has cleared, then the migraine itself strikes.

They're not connected. Definately not connected. Nope. No connection there smiley - winkeye

You're quite fortunate that you don't get the migraine badly after an aura attack. Mine are quite dibilitating and I'd quite happily swap mine for yours! smiley - biggrin

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