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I was very interested 2 read the ref regarding bed wetting my son is 11.12 in october he has been bed wetting for years until some-one told me about a nasal spray that could be perscribed by the doctor called DESMOSPRAY which seems 2 be working well.But we have now tried something else that seems 2 work.....When our son ran out we filled the spray with water without telling him and that seems 2 work.We have told him that the doctor said soon he will have 2 have it only every other nite.......What i'm hoping 4 is 2 gradually wean him off the whole spray idea and see if that works


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Our friend's daughter wet her bed for a long time. One of the clinics they visited supplied them with an underblanket which rang a bell when it got wet. This woke their daughter the moment the first drops of urine were released so she got to relate the sensation of wetting with being woken up. This seemed to work for them but I understand there's lots of different approaches to this problem.

Do you remember the film "The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner?"
As I remember it the boy became a good runner because his mother would find his bed wet after he had left for school. She would leave the sheet hanging out of his bedroom window to dry. He wanted to be home before any of his school friends and pull the sheet in as otherwise they would know that he had wet the bed.

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