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Hi, i have a cacti sorry dont know what kind! it has grown a large stem out the side of it, can you save it or re plant it. if it grows much more i think it will fall over. can you help please. Linette. many thanks.


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It's difficult to say without knowing what kind of cactus it is, but generally, yes, you can plant offshoots and offcuts and they'll grow into a new plant, with a little care. You have to let the wound on the offshoot dry out before you plant it, and don't water it straight away - give it a week or two in the dry soil or it might rot. Then water it sparingly for the first few weeks, just enough to get the soil moist and encourage the plant to put out some roots. Don't plant it too deeply in soil either because, again, it might rot. If it's already tall enough to wobble you could stake it with a few sticks until it's grown roots and stabilised itself.

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