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Anyone else caught the "Settlers" bug?

My entire circle of friends has - until moving house I was virtually a settlers widower.

Risk-meets-monopoly, is the quick way of describing it, but the nuances are many and varied. The reason I dislike it personally is the mean-spirited-ness of it, which is very much in common with monopoly, whereby one simply freezes out or vindictively targets individuals for personal gain.

However, I suggest it for inclusion here because of the dedication and passion with which it is loved by so many of my acquiantances. It must be good...

Expansion sets of all kinds are available, along with, if memory serves, themed versions eg "maritime", that sort of thing
I also believe it was German board-game of the year 1995.


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Perhaps a die hard fan would care to help me out here?


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Far as I'm concered settlers is a computer game about where Romans, Nubians, Japanese, Vikings and Mayans fight over resources on little islands!


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Trout Montague

... of Catan


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That's the one.
"Settlers of Catan".
Presumably this was a board game first. ( or rather ? - feel free, as Don and George would say, to correct me if I'm incorrect.)
Interesting point - does anyone know of a (successful) computer-to-board game transfer?


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I got well into Settlers when I first tried it but have lost interest slightly - there's a bit too much luck involved. Still a good game though.

Have you tried 'Puerto Rico'? Settlers-ish but with no dice involved so far more skill-based. Good fun!

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Researcher 234802

I have played this game excessively (I’m a student and so have nothing better to do) and most of its expansion sets. Especially the expansion called (I’m guessing here as I'm Dutch) cities and knights, which in my opinion is the most entertaining and rewarding expansion, because it down plays the luck factor quite a bit.

One of the best thing about this game is that it is fun for most people, ranging from the occasional board game player to those of us with too much time on our hands (or without enough self discipline), mostly I think because of the social aspects of the game i.e. you have to trade resources, work together to stop someone from winning etc. Plus the fact that after a few drinks it still possible and fun to play and can even have the lot of you rolling under the table laughing.


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Agent X

I think one of the best features of Settlers of Catan is the variable board

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The big big advantage Settlers of Catan has over Monopoly is what happens when someone starts winning. In Monopoly its virtually impossible to stop them, they just collect all the money in a long drawn-out death rattle of an endgame. In Settlers being powerful makes your trading position weak - people don't trade with a clear leader, to slow them down and stop them from winning. The upshot is that many/most of the games I've played are very very close and exciting up to the end. Often with 3 or even all 4 of the players within striking distance of the win in the last round (when someone does manage to win).

Monopoly - positive feedback loop
Settlers - negative feedback loop

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