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The party.

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Anarchist in the U.K- I'm not a hippy, Its just a nickname

My last family reunion was my gran and grandads wedding anniversary. ON MY BIRTHDAY! So I made it fun by stealing beermats and bringing the 300th episode of the Simpsons. Even the adults watched it...

The party.

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Something for everyone...

Young kids like attention...give it to them by playing with them and asking a lot of questions about things you think they might like....kids love to talk.

Teenagers....don't make like they are not there. They should be included in conversations and should want to be.....Teach the children how to have conversations so when they are older they won't have to "suffer" as you put it, when families get together.

Adults ...just chat about yourself (50 words or less)to let them catch up with your life...then ask them what they have been up to.
Then go eat!!!!!

Older people....easy one...take advantage of their wisdom...Unless they are senile.....then you're on your own...Good Luck!!!!!!

Old people have many interesting stories to tell...it's too bad the younger generation doesn't appreciate it.....I remember my Grandma telling me stories about how it was in Italy when she was a child...she would ride a donkey to school...stuff like that ....remembering the first car in 1910. I loved my Grandma...Talk to these old-timers...some would love to tell you, but you have to ask the right questions....find out about your heritage...or anything about what it was like way back when.....War stories aren't all that bad, ya know....

Anyway, Everyone should be comfortable at family get-togethers....and every family should have reunions to 'catch up'....

Having said that...I'm off to a party...wish me luck!

The party.

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Anarchist in the U.K- I'm not a hippy, Its just a nickname

Luck. I still hate family reunions. The old people aren't too bad. The adults are all absorbed with there own kids (except mine) and the kids are soaking in the attention. Leaving me on my own. With my pork scratchings. I don't say this enough but thanks Gran and Grandad.

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