A Conversation for How to Survive Family Parties


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There are usually numerous places a child can hide in a party. These options are really just for a child that has run out of ideas...

If there are long tableclothes over the edges of the table, down to the floor, then it's easy to hide under the tables when you're six years old. Of course older people might have back issues or for some reason won't get under the table.

Hiding behind a parent is a well used tactic. Often a young child is small enough to be concealed comfortably behind a grown man or woman so that a person (Perhaps a face pincher) facing you can only see the person you're hiding behind. Again, older children may find more difficulty in this.

Underneath a blanket is a tricky place to hide, often because it looks odd to see a blanket breathe. A blanket that is unnaturally wide and tall also looks to be concealing something. So don't roll up into a ball, steady your movement and breathing and perhaps lie among other blankets or on a couch?

Fake sleeping is a great tactic. Hiding in plain view is very easy, and effective but not exciting and generally very boring. To enhance your performance, really make yourself tired and yawn a lot when you have to speak.

Being invisible is a difficult hiding method to master. Some children assure themselves that if they can't see us, we can't see them. This isn't true, but it's hard to carry on a conversation with a kid with no eye contact who thinks he's invisible

If all else fails, repel them by eating too much sugar and drinking caffienated beverages

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