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I'm planning to get married later this year. I'm originally from Finland, my fiance comes from India and we live in Canada... That means we have three different wedding traditions around. (North-American and North-European have BIG differences!! Indian - well, that's a completely different story...) Which is nice, we can basically pick and choose...

Short summary: There will be a church wedding in two languages (my folks don't speak a word English), mostly traditional Lutheran seremony with little hints from India. Reception will be small (not Indian version of 5000 people and 5-day celebration) because that goes well with the budget... There will be food and snacks from different continents, to give our families a small taste of something different.

The main joy is that all our other family members are not on this continent. That gives us a peace in preparations, no too eager mothers-in-law candidates around... But I guess our rule could work in all the weddings around... The one who pays the whole package has a last word. We pay our wedding, we decide what it looks like.

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More intercultural stuff

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