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Although most people are talking about christian weddings, im going to talk about my muslim, 'desi' wedding.

The thing about asians is, that the in laws seem to have too much importance. Traditionally there are reasons for this. But for any girl wanting to get married, remember its your day. and it aint going to come back again. so do things the way you want them done. just because future mother in law wants you to wear that old sari her mom gave her, doesnt mean you have to. just do what you want.

oh, and why oh why do asians not have wedding lists? i mean, they make sense!

And another thing. muslim weddings and walimas are the most boring things around. if you want to have fun, then go to the mehndi party. thats where the dancing happens.


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Amy the Ant - High Manzanilla of the Church of the Stuffed Olive

What is a walima?


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sorry i havent replied earier
a walima is a party given by the groom and his family. with absolutely nothing happening in it , but dinner, or lunch. no dancing, no silly traditions, no structure to it at all.
and given asian timing, goes on for a while. is very boring

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