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Toyota Starlet

There's only two ways to get motivated (short term anyway)
1) Bribery. smiley - choc If i get this done I can - have a chocolate biscuit/go shopping/ nice bath/anything you really like doing but feel guilty about. You deserve to indulge yourself aftter all that work!
1b) putting on nice music during task helps too.

2)Fear. Think of something worse that you could do instead. For me it was always tidying my room. Maths homework seems great in comparison. How about rreeally cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the dog/cat's teeth, venturing into kid's bedroom to retrieve mouldy cups etc. smiley - run If this doesn't motivate you at least you'll end up with a really nice house.

Longer term, sport is great for making you feel good and motivated generally. I find swimming best. Or do something you like more often such as playing music, painting, massage this will cheer you up and refresh you so the work won't seem too bad. Also gives you something to look forward to (see 1)

Toyota Starlet

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