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Baron Grim

Nice article, PL. I had seen Thorleifs page while researching the Pentominoes article. Before I read this article I was reading your superellipse article and saw the name Piet Hein and thought it sounded familiar... But I just couldn't place the name. (it was several months back that I'd read about him... Heck you probably suggested looking for info on the Soma cube... like I said, it's been a while.) Anyway the synchronicity I was thinking of was just everywhere in these articles. Before I checked the front page today, I got caught up in the backlog of Hoovooloo's troubles (F19585?thread=288228) and noticed the posts you'd made. Then I go to the front page and you have TWO articles out at once. smiley - cool I see the link to my pentomino article there smiley - ok and I also see mention of Aldus Huxley's 'Brave New World' which at the age of 36 I'm just right now getting around to reading.

This is almost as much of a "lattice of coincidence" as I had once in the F1 threads (F1?thread=234956&skip=80&show=20)smiley - weirdsmiley - cool

Anyway smiley - cheers again on two excellent articles.


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smiley - ta Ct Z
Would have replied sooner, but I got caught up in trying to figure out what the F1 stuff was about smiley - huh

Shame I didn't push for images like you achieved in Pentominoes A970904 to have pictures of Soma pieces included within the entry, rather than via a link. Talking of links are you going to ask for a reverse link from Pentominoes to the Soma Cube? It definitely comes under the mathematical puzzles 'project' idea.

You had time to catch up on Hoovooloo backlog smiley - online2long

Pimms smiley - mistletoe
nb be prepeared: Brave New World > not a particularly upbeat ending (without wanting to give anything away)


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Baron Grim

You're absolutely right, so I just put a request into feedback for a link. smiley - ok

Oh.. and thanks for not ruining BNW for me. I didn't really think it would have a "warm fuzzy" ending of course. smiley - winkeye

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