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John the gardener says, "Free Tibet!"

The Sub-eds, love 'em or hate 'em, are now so much a part of h2g2 life and lore that it is hard to imagine a time when there weren't any. But there really was a time when the production of new Entries entirely depended on Jim Lynn's addiction to chocolate-coated coffee beans and the superhuman efforts of the h2g2 team. Rumours that Jim had access to Timelord technology, though persistent, remain unsubstantiated.

What I'm most proud of, then, is being invited to take part in the first experimental use of Researchers in the editing process. The original recruits were a great bunch, all fanatically committed to making h2g2 more and better and bigger than... well, anything! At this point Mark Moxon should be asked to take a bow. Those of us who were a part of the original Sub-ed experiment remember and appreciate his hard work in keeping the wheels on and generally rolling in the direction of success. The email debates over this, that, and the other thing were often heated and were nearly always mind-numbingly convoluted. I often had to unplug the connections to my legs in order to devote enough brain power to keeping up. They would make great reading, even now.

Some of the original ten volunteers are still around; but, sadly, others have ridden off into the virtual sunset. Some, like the inimitable ZachsMind, still occasionally pop by... but all too rarely.

I am proud to have been a part of all that. Thanks all.

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Pioneer Subs

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John the gardener says, "Free Tibet!"

Oops. How the devil did that happen?

JTG smiley - doh

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