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Dying young is difficult...

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DaRC (cook, cocktail maker, cyclist )

After all genetics is against you. That 'will to live' just keeps you trying to save yourself.

Then you wake up at 31 find the woman you've impregnated, or if you're a woman your biological clock, is knocking on your door and a whole bunch of reasons to slow down and keep living have turned up.

I think that many in their 20's have tried the Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll approach to life. You only need to go to the rehab clinics to find them.
Then there are the poor unfortunates that survived the car crashes, hanggliding accidents or messed up their suicides.

Maybe that's why those who succeed are so famous - 'cos dying is hard to do.

Mind you who talks about River Phoenix now.
And how old was Marilyn Monroe?

Dying young is difficult...

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Dr Deckchair Funderlik

She was 36.

I think the source of the fame is from:

(a) the notion that someone has lived their life as if death was a trivial concern from them.
(b) that they also did something pretty interesting and entertaining for the rest of us.

Hence, Marylin Monroe kind of fails point (a), I think, while River Phoenix definitely misses out on point (b) by some distance.

I agree with you that the will to live is strong, and there sure is more to life than simple headonism.. (but simple headonism is also a part of life as much as anything else) smiley - smiley

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