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This explains a lot...

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So, this explains why all rock stars die young. I'd been wondering about that one ever since I realised dreams of rock stardom would involve my mutilated corpse in a back alley.

However, I think there is one exception to the 'Live fast, Die young and leave a good looking corpse' theory, namely: Elvis.
Consider: Elvis died on the toilet, pants round his ankles, and groutesquely overweight from years of overeating and drug abuse, yet hundereds, if not thousands, of people visit Gracelands every year and he is still a cultural icon.
Is this just an anomaly, or is it the start of the 'Live slow, Die Old and still be a rock legend' phenomena?

This explains a lot...

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The Average Joe No One EVER Suspects

Actually, Elvis did not die on the toilet or with his pants around his ankles. He died on the BARBER CHAIR that was in his bathroom. He went in to read a book or something, came out horizontally. That is not to say that he died gracefully, far from it, he just didn't die taking a dump.

This explains a lot...

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Dr Deckchair Funderlik

Well, however he died, I'm not so sure that Elvis really lived that 'fast' in the first place.

He just lived kind of politely and ate lots of cheeseburgers, didn't he?

Now, Iggy Pop, on the other hand - there's a mystery. Still old, still pretty cool..

This explains a lot...

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What about Keith Richards - he seems to have been honestly dedicated to the scheme for the last 50 years - and he just doesn't die. He still unfathomably cool by the way smiley - winkeye

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