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Is it true that the mitochondria in our cells are supposed to have been microorganisms, and that now we are in a state of symbiosis with them?

Your entry is very good and very smart, by the way. I have had some edited guide entries on evolution if you're interested;

"How Hair Played An Important Part In Evolution"
"The Aquatic Ape Hypothesis" (A University Project set by H2G2)

Well Done smiley - winkeyesmiley - bubbly

Your Ever Humble Servant,
KMA winner Neri Aracro.

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hello neri!

thanks! smiley - cheers yes, the popular theory now is that our mitochondria were once microbes that got swallowed by other microbes but instead of getting digested formed an alliance with them, and over time lost their microbe identity and independence. (well, some of it) lynn margulis (ex-wife of the late carl sagan) explained this quite well in her book 'microcosmos' (as well as the evolution of the microbe) - maybe you'd like to check it out?

i'll go look up your articles. thanks for letting me know about them!

- far.

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also you only inherit mitochondria from your mother - quite important

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yep. ever heard of the african eve theory?

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Hi Farlander,

I have heard of the African Eve theory and have seen the waxwork of her on TV.

Its quite amazing really, and her high protein diet meant that she would have been much taller than us today!

Your Ever Humble Servant,
KMA winner Neri Aracro. smiley - winkeyesmiley - bubbly

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it's also quite cool how they did that mitochondria monitoring (of what, 136 women?) and arrived at the african eve conclusion... smiley - ok

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