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"Following the success of Hornby's book, Working Titles set about adapting it for the new Millennium, changing grunge band Nirvana for rap band Mystic Cow and Joni Mitchell for Roberta Flack, this being only the major change from the original novel."

smiley - erm I wouldn't say that's the only major change. The whole last third of th plot is completely different between book and film (okay so that is linked to the music thing, but still...). In the book, Marcus and Ellie go off to see Marcus's father, Ellie is a vandal and they both get arrested (sort of) and at the end Marcus becomes a horrid boy who probably smokes. In the film, it all ends with a school concert, where Marcus decides to sing and Will helps him out. At the end, Marcus has changed a bit, but he's still got elements of the old self (still long hair, same T-shirt he wears earlier in the film). So the whole endings are completely different. The book synopsis was very similar to the blurb, also. smiley - winkeye

Some other random info:
The shop Championship Vinyl appears in "About A Boy" also. Holloway Road appear in several of the books.
One of the songs from the film "About A Boy" appeared in "31 Songs". smiley - biggrin

Sorry - I like the entry and I think it's great! I'm not trying to pay it out or anything! These comments are just my random ramblings, in case anybody else wants to read them after the entry. smiley - smiley

Niwt smiley - cheers

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just a few points (sorry)

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