A Conversation for Tobacco Smoke

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:D Open all windows,place fan on windowsill so that it BLOWS AIR OUT OF not INTO house. (even without cig smoke it's a more effective use of your fan)

:D Fill bottom of coffee can with water for cig butts

:D DON'T invite careless smokers to your home,they'll burn holes in your chairs,holes in your couch,holes in your socks,holes in your cat,holes holes HOLES HOLESHOLESHO$%^%$$##


:D If someone has told you that constantly clearing your throat is an effective way to avoid the harmful effects of tobacco smoke,they display an I.Q. of n/a. Constantly clearing your throat will only irritate the membranes,and tissues,and you may be sold into slavery to a Vogon opera company.

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Solutions :)

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