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smiley - biggrin Excellent entry.

The only disappointment was I couldn't spot any typos, unless you count the acceptable, but odd, use of 'contract' in the section on Light Cigarettes: "smokers contract twice the amount of tar and nicotine from 'low-tar' cigarettes than was previously believed" - 'receive' or 'absorb' might be more familiar verbs to use. Just my smiley - 2cents

Pimms smiley - stout

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Bernadette Lynn_ Home Educator

I believe the line 'Smoking causes most cases of emphysema, and 16,700 Americans died in 2000 from bronchitis' should read 'died in 2000 from emphysema'.

Otherwise, good entrysmiley - smiley

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Chris Morris

Today's news includes an item on research, sponsored by the tobacco industry, that shows passive smoking to be harmless. This will, of course, make me feel much better the next time I have to sit next to someone ignoring the No Smoking signs on the bus. smiley - laughsmiley - crysmiley - run

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People who ignore No Smoking signs,whether on public transport or in public buildings/the workplace should be asked to either refrain from smoking or leave the vehicle at the next convenient stop or go outside of the building to smoke.As a smoker myself,I always respect No Smoking areas through common courtesy.However,if people don't want to work in a potentially smoky atmosphere,say,a pub or club that doesn't have a non smoking area,then they have the option of not applying for a job there.

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