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Is that it then?

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Bright Blue Shorts

Is that all you need to write to get an entry edited and onto the Front Page these days?

No mention of:
- where competitions occur?
- how lifts are measured (e.g. KGs or LBs)? Or is it number of reps?
- what happens if the max weight lifted is the same for both lifters? Do they tiebreak or is there a countback method?
- are there different weight categories? I'm guessing there are.
- how much weight are the best in the world lifting? E.g. sample world records.
- it's an Olympic event? Or is it?
- what the training regime is for a power lifter.
- what is the point, what's the enjoyment?
- the difference between power lifting and weight lifting.

I think the scout that selected this needed to get a few of these questions answered first ...

Is that it then?

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Researcher 177704

Yeah, I agree. An interesting start, but nowhere near enough content.

A bit of a disappointment smiley - sadface

smiley - rocket

Is that it then?

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The Fonz

I'll clear up a few of these point, if I may:

-The idea is to record the highest single repetition in each lift.
The figures are then added together to give your final total.

-If two people record the same total, the lighter person wins.

-There are many different weight categories.

-The records depend on the weight class you're in. For a rough guide, the highest bench press as far as I know is 825lbs (375kgs). The squat record is somewhere over 1000lbs (455kgs)

-The point is to become stronger; continually trying to better yourself and beat your previous best.

-In terms of training etc, there can be a lot of confusion. Powerlifting is very different from bodybuilding.(I know that's not what you asked, but the term 'weightlifting' is much to vague to give a comparision):

Bodybuilding is concerned solely with the body's appearance. Usually the idea is to get as big and as symmetrical as possible.

Powerlifting is concerned soley with the weight that is moved. Powerlifters don't usually worry about low bodyfat % etc as they don't care so much about how they look, rather how much they can lift.

In terms of training then, powerlifting workouts usually consist of many sets with low reps, and heavy weight. Some systems use speed work too - working with a lighter weight but concentrating on explosiveness; ie moving the weight very quickly.

cf Bodbuilding: usually moderate weight with moderate sets and reps.

Powerlifters don't generally train to failure, bodybuilders do.

NB Power = force x speed hence a combination of speed work and heavy work.

I hope this answers some of your questions.

Is that it then?

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Bright Blue Shorts

The Fonz - Perhaps you could look to do an update to this entry. You seem to know something about the subject matter. The intentions behind my questions were not to find out the answers, more to indicate what I think should have been included in the entry.

Nonetheless thank-you for your answers smiley - smiley


Is that it then?

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Hey Fonz
Do you compete and if so, what Fed?

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