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Puddicombe landing?

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Has anyone ever heard of Puddicombe landing? I know the English branch of my family line (the Puddicombe's) come from the Devonshire area, and that there is supposed to have been a place called Puddicombe landing somewhere on the coast there, but no one in the family that I know seems to know where it was. According to a family story a relative of mine (a Puddicombe)also had an encounter with the prince of England at Torquay back in the 1860's. The prince struck him with a stick and my relative took it away from him and is supposed to have gone over to the queen mother (who was there) and told her that her son had struck him without just cause. My relative began his sea faring career as a cabin boy shortly afterward. He was around 12 at the time I believe.

Puddicombe landing?

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Skankyrich [?]

I haven't heard of it myself, and the OS online mapping is't working right now. It is possible that it could be spelt in a variety of ways, for example Pudcombe or Pudicombe, or even that it has been absorbed into a larger town. Remind me to have another look and I'll investigate smiley - ok

Interesting story about Torquay - I think royals opened the pier at Babbacombe around that time. I wonder if they could be linked?

Puddicombe landing?

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Anything is possible I guess. Though it could also just be a coincidence. I also had heard that the royal family changed its vacation spot around that same time. Who knows if the event had something to do with it or not. People don't change much at heart from one century to the next. Clothes change, the language evolves but people stay people. smiley - smiley

Please do let me know if you find anything on a map about the landing. It probably was a small area somewhere on the coast and may have been absorbed by a larger town like you said. Landmarks do fade sometimes I guess.

Puddicombe landing?

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Is it possible this is Lyme Regis. John Puddicombe was twice the mayor and died 13 Aug 1789 age 71.


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