A Conversation for LAN Parties

What about the Pizza?

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Pothead Pixie

Okay sounds spot on dude.

Only you have to remember that the number of pizzas to be ordered equal to the number of gamers except for the one person who has to be a pain in the backside and doesnet like pizza!

Foul langauge can ussaly be expected when the host (perosn who is having the lan partie). Beats absolutly everyone but is not to be taken seriously and the best thing is just to forget it ever happed when you leave.

Also UTP Networking is becoming cheaper and is a much better alternative to BNC if one bnc cable fails your all F****D

Happy Gaming!

What about the Pizza?

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Ah, we always stuck with co-ax cables, it was easier...

Of course if we didn't bring enough cables we then had to make one, which did tend to reduce network reliability a bit smiley - smiley

I haven't had a LAN party for a while, I've been at uni and such... this summer though, I should definitely have one this summer...

The problem of food and other supplies at a LAN party deserves a whole new entry, I think smiley - smiley

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What about the Pizza?

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