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What a beautiful gift!

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I first heard of this amazing ability a few years ago on the American TV news magazine, "20/20". I was fascinated by the piece, amazed and a little bit envious of synasthetes. I'm still hoping, as I recall one psychologists saying on the program, that synethesia might be a talent of the human brain that we all possess to one degree or another. smiley - biggrin

What a beautiful gift!

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My first reaction was "Oh but surely there must be something that you do that fits this pattern", but that's because I find it hard to imagine *not* seeing the world like this (like a friend of mine who simply can't comprehend what it is like *not* to have an identical twin). Perhaps your best chance is a knock on the head, but I'm not wishing that on you!

smiley - smileysmiley - blackcat

What a beautiful gift!

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I am a synaesthete and I too believed everybody viewed the world this way up until a few years ago. Most of my friends think I am making it up, and that I am actually rather mad! They are slowly believing me now that they are seeing my answers to their tests are consistent. I am mainly a colour synaesthete (I am surprised that there are only 1 in 5000 of us) but I also sometimes associate textures with words, for instance the word Friday reminds me of silk, and computer is a crunchy word!

It has been said in a book I read a few years back (I believe it may have been "The man who tasted shapes" but I may be wrong) that it was linked with creativity, many famous artists and composers being blessed with this gift. Being creative myself this is true for me, but I would be interested to know if there is a link.

What a beautiful gift!

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Not sure if it's the same thing at all, but I have always linked memories to particular colours, for no reasons I can think of.

I could see how linking colours and tastes to text would be rather marvellous when revising for exams! "How do you calculate the momentum of an object again? Ah yes, light green...." smiley - smiley

What a beautiful gift!

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Under heavy anesthesia, I've experienced something like this.... but that was drug induced! smiley - winkeye

What a beautiful gift!

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Indigo Starblaster

I think I have had one genuine synaesthetic experience (other associations, such as looking at horizontal yellow highway lights and thinking of the taste of lemon candies, are I think just exaggerated pavlovian response). I had a schoolbook as a kid where one of the illustrations showed a rainy-ish sky -- a lovely blue and green colour. Every time I looked at that sky I tasted long-boil soup made from Chinese cabbage. I was fascinated by this -- I kept turning to that page and tasting soup. I don't know where this schoolbook is anymore or I'd dig it up and try again. I've wished for more synaethestic experiences, but sadly no others have occurred.

What a beautiful gift!

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I have to wonder if this making me a minority had something to do with my being on the shy/quiet side. I know at least indirectly it did...everyone resented me for never having to study for spelling/vocabulary tests in all my language classes!

Personally I wish that creative link was true. For me it's certainly not. I love math, while synesthetes are said to have discalculia, and I'm not creative in the slightest smiley - sadface I'm hoping someday to get that computer program I've seen people illustrate songs with...I would love to try that, maybe get in touch with my stifled creativity. Although I wouldn't call it creativity at all, simply copying what "is".

What a beautiful gift!

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Yeah that's creativity alright.

What a beautiful gift!

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i,m just laughing to myself reading your views as i think exactly like you my friends and family think its hilarious,but after saying the same thing for the same words names etc they r startin me. also i just found out it was a named condition, i too like you always thought as a child every one did the same things as us. I am still amazed by it all to think ive got a rare condition, i,m also very creative and artistic have a vivid imagination, i wonder if other people in our world of symaethesia are arty etc too. You are right about the book 'the man who tasted shapes' i have noticed in another site.

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What a beautiful gift!

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