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Robert Beeson and V Bombers

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D Morehead

The Valiant was the indeed the only V Bomber to drop a live atomic weapon. In the crew was Flying Officer Robert Leslie Beeson.
Robert Beeson was one of the surviving crew of the Vulcan XH535 that crashed on Monday 11th May 1964.
He died almost 4 years to day on Tuesday 14 May 1968 when his T7 Hunter crashed into the ground at high speed. Both crew members were killed; the ejection seats were not used.
Robert Beeson now lies at rest in Durrington Cemetery, alongside his fellow crew members from Vulcan XH535

Robert Beeson and V Bombers

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Nosebagbadger {Ace}

This is quite an interesting point (several actually that I didn't know) - was any investigation able to determine why the ejection seats weren't used, that is, did wreckage indicate they failed to work or just no signs of attempt?

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Robert Beeson and V Bombers

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