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Vulcan Crew Ejection

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I refer to the report of the crash of Vulcan XH535 in 1964.

11 May, 1964. Vulcan XH535 stalled during a low speed descent near Andover, Hampshire and went into a spin. In an attempt to regain control the pilot deployed the landing braking parachute. This momentarily regained control but the aircraft began to spin again shortly afterwards. Unable to regain control he gave the order to bail out at 2,500 feet. Pilot and co-pilot ejected safely but the remaining three were unable to get out, probably due to centrifugal forces developed by the spin.

The description of the incident and subsequent crash are accurate, except for that referring to the 3 rear Crew Members.

The AEO had always maintained that in the event that he had to get out, he would wait for the pilots to eject, then climb up to the open cockpit (sans Canopy) and bale out from there.

When the wreckage was recovered, his body was found inside the Vulcan's Brake 'Chute, which suggests that he was unaware that the 'Chute had been deployed by the Pilots in an attempt to rectify the Nose Up Stall situation the Aircraft was in, and got out successfully but was "netted" by the deployed 'Chute..

Very sad, but absolutely true I'm afraid.

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Vulcan Crew Ejection

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