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split personality / mental issue?

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smiley - sadfaceI am recently divorced after being married for 32 years. My ex is a survivor of an incestuous childhood. We married young ...17 and 19...to be exact. We have two daughters and four grandchildren....all of whom she walked away from.
She started her own business about 3 years ago and became obsessed with it and was all she could talk or think about. She started spending more and more time away from family...until she finally made a change no one saw coming. She hooked up with an old high school flame and left all of us. Since the divorce...she has left him after a month or so and is now living with an usher from the church she now attends. My kids refuse to see her or let grandkids see her until she goes to therapy with them...she has refused ...saying she is fine and never been happier in her life Her signature has been altered since divorce...she used to have a free flowing style....now the letters are closer together, as evidenced by her signature on divorce papers, and letters are in a different style. I am very concerned for her...I still love her as I did 32 years ago....but cannot take the secrets she made me keep and the things he wanted me to do. I cannot believe she doesn't realize how she has trashed her family life. Admits to being broken but doesn't know how or have the will to fix herself. Any insight would be great!

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split personality / mental issue?

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