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split personality

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i want to clear my perception about split personality

split personality

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i have split personality and its scarying my boyfriend, is there anything i can take without going to the doctors? i would really like not to have to go. i dont want to have to talk about it i just want something that will calm my other selves down, as one is 7! and makes it akward around my boyfriend. please help.smiley - wah

split personality

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hi i seem to have the same problem as you, i am self diagnosed split personality and for the most part it doesn't interfere with my life but it can cause a great deal of stress of in my relationship as it seems my other self seems to take great delight in making life very difficult for my partner. has your partner tried calling your name when when of your alts makes an appearance in order to bring you back into control of yourself or perhaps maybe talking to each of your alts and finding a way to get along with them so he can explain to them that he needs you back. I have been told that stress is likley to make situation worse so it's probably important that you and your partner try to talk and stay calm. If you don't mind me asking how old are you.

split personality

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I am 25 and have lived with my two most dominant alters for well over 13 years (there are several others but they are fairly tame) In past 8 years, Jezebel (the rebel) has grown in strength and is now in full competition with my other dominiant, Hen (the adult) for centre stage, if you like. But because of her un-ruley temperment and severe un-predictability, she has lost me past two jobs and several relationships, not to mention other things. Because of her gradual frequent appearences, to the point she was there all the time, I finally decided to see doctor and today was diagnosed with DID, and a possibility that Jezebel has her own personality disorder (narcissistic p/d is suspected). As much as it has been normal to me all my life, it is not a healthy lifestyle and I dont want rid of her, she just needs to be controlled. I am only at the first stage of therapy and it is hard but if you wana feel better, you gotta go through a difficult process first. Im looking forwards.

split personality

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smiley - erm I dont no whether any1 can help me on this one,
Ive been seeing a guy for past few months, who i believe and he also says has a split personality!
He's a lovely guy and we get on really well and have a laugh but then without warning he can just flip and shout abuse at me and has even had me round the throat and covered my mouth and nose so i couldnt breathe! but after doing that is totally unaware as to whats just happened. Good start to a relationship hey?? I can spend a day with him and not see "Danny" (his name for his split personality) then other days i spend most of the date with "danny" and not him!
I dont no what triggers "danny" off, but his mates will say to him not to drink to much because they dont want to see "danny". I have noticed "danny" comes out alot when he's had a few drinks but on the other hand can come out quite alot while being sober!
Is there certain things that can trigger this off? Ive looked on the internet and just found myself more confused and unsure if he is suffering with a split personality!
Ive also been told that this "danny" has affected past relationships and that his ex got him to see a counselor but he stopped going and their relationship ended. Like i say ive only been seeing him for few months and dont really no if we're an item or not (due to "Danny") so i dont really no or understand whats going on and i dont wanna ask 100's of questions which im dying to!
so if anyone can suggest or help me understand a little more in anyway i'd be extremely grateful smiley - smiley

split personality

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Petsch aka Terris P

Hi Bravemissp,
just discovered your posting - can I ask you how this story went on?
The thing is, I have a girlfriend with 'split personality' for the last 5 months, and I just cannot get my head around it. She is the loveliest woman one can think of for 1 - 3 weeks, then suddenly flips over and becomes extremely nasty, insulting and sometimes violent, without any outside trigger. Afterwards, she seems to remember her attacks only vaguely, and never as severe as they were.
The effect on me is, I separate from her (in my mind, but also physically) during her attacks, but when she is back to the lovely one, slowly fall in love again! I know it sounds crazy and I have sworn to myself more than once that I will stop that nonsense. But, so far, there is no end in sight. Especially as we are a very good match when she is in the positive spell.
I have an idea now what some Catholics mean when they say a person is 'possessed by the devil'.... Never thought that possible.
Did you ever find out what happens in your boyfriend?

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split personality

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