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Impossible Flower

No very impressed with the entry, sorry.
The references to Roberts Smith appearance holds no relevance to the music, I dont mean that hes a goth, yes that is important.
I mean "chubby" why does that have to be said? Michael Jackson?! Robert smith and michael jackson in the same sentance doesn't work!
Not to sure about your example of lyrics either.
Are you actually a fan?

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Mr Alphabet

(I'm aware this post is pretty much gone the way of the dinosaurs, but I joined just ten minutes ago so I'm keen to get my fingers going over the ol' qwerty at a topic that no one will read (and thus, not comment about) smiley - smiley

"I don't mean that he's a goth, yes, that's important"
Are you saying Robert Smith's a goth? That's news to me smiley - smiley I can see why you say that but I'm inclined, on the basis of what he himself has said in interviews, that he's been an on/off peddler of "doom and gloom" with a big red lipsticky smile- that's all.

And be fair about the Michael Jackson comment- just consider "Hot hot hot!", not to mention the entire Wild Mood Swings album... smiley - smiley

Examples of lyrics- that made me laugh smiley - smiley Because that's exactly how the Cure bounce in and out of light and dark.
"I wish you were dead... oh, but you're just like heaven. Whoo, the sun is up I'm so happy I could-- oh, hell, it doesn't matter if we all die!"

That's all. Just peddling my own views smiley - smiley

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