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Inverted Solipsist

We must go back to the moon if we are ever to get off this planet.

There is some chance that Bush will announce a program to send humans to the moon at the centennial of flight celebration this month.

Hopefully he will, because if we don't go back soon, we may never go back.

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Ad astra per luna.

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Researcher 1300304

the scientific value of manned space missions is extremely limited. they are also extraordinarily expensive and dangerous.

while the 'heroic' aspects of manned space travel have some significance to the dignity of mankind, it is difficult to sustain support when it is realised that every dollar spent on these endeavours are dollars not spent on real science or projects for the betterment of our fellow human beings or the environment generally.

and before anyone says it: velcro, the microwave oven and alfoil etc were not products of the manned space programme. generally speaking the tech benefits have been minimal and the cost effectiveness horrendous.

i hate being the party pooper on this issue. i really wish it were different, having myself spent a childhood watching these great adventures unfold with awe and wonderment.

but the reality is that our species isn't going anywhere extraterrestrial anytime soon for two very good reasons: there isn't anything habitable out there within travelling distance; and we are designed to live in an earth environment.

early pioneers might have referred to slipping the 'surly bonds of earth' and therein lies the problem. mother earth's embrace is not surly. nor is there a 'face of god' to be touched simply by leaving her behind on the fiery trail of high explosives.

i genuinely worry about the 'mother hating' aspect implicit in many of the pro manned space exploration arguments.

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Ad astra per luna.

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