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Seasons in the southern hemisphere

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This article is a little confusing/confused about the differences between the seasons in the two hemispheres.

It says "This all happens during the southern hemisphere summer when rainfall is lowest, and the new head derives all its moisture from the old leaves", "If you live in the northern hemisphere3, they will flower in mid to late autumn", and "Remember that Lithops are from the southern hemisphere, and even when grown north of the equator will very rarely switch to northern hemisphere seasons.".

These statements are all wrong. The growth of a new leaf pair occurs during winter, whichever hemisphere you live in. Most Lithops live in areas of southern Africa where rainfall is lowest in winter. They flower in mid to late autumn wherever you live. In the northern hemisphere this will be mostly September - November, and in the southern hemisphere it will be March - May. Lithops follow the seasons of whichever hemisphere they are growing in. If they are moved from one hemisphere to the other, it may take a year or two for them to fully adapt to the change of seasons.

Seasons in the southern hemisphere

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Mens Sana In Thingummy Gosho

Hmmm... perhaps I should look into a bit more research then. I've been growing them for more than 30 years and was always told that Lithops rarely adjust to the northern hemisphere seasons.

Thanks for the heads-up.

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Seasons in the southern hemisphere

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