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Grass Dens / Fights

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Has no one remembered Grass Dens / Fights?
It works along the same lines as storming your opponent's Wall of Snow armed with snowballs etc., but this version of the game has a distinct advantage over its wintry cousin: This game only works well in the heady summer months.
Ideally there will be more than two of you (the more the bloodier) and you will live within easy walking distance of a large field. Eagerly you will listen for the tell-tale sounds of a tractor-mower performing its cutting duties. Inevitably it will leave copious quantities of cut grass in its wake. Only when the tractor mower has left the field (although Dodge-The-Tractor-Mower is a fascinating sub-game) do you collect as many grass clippings as possible and you and your friends then construct two grass enclosures. Square ones work adequately, but circular ones provide no weak spots. The two encampments need only be a few metres apart for the following reason:
The more observant among you will find that throwing a handfull of grass clippings at an opponent is never very satisfying – however tightly you bind the grass it will always dissolve in mid-air and inflict little or no damage to your enemy. It may even contribute to the height of his barricade.
So, Throwing Range is immaterial. It is Storming Range that is important. The object of Grass Warfare is to successfully stuff as much grass as possible down the back of your opponent's t-shirt. (Although prizes can be awarded for the more architecturally superior Grass Den).
The team/individual who least resembles Quasimodo and/or who isn't crying is the winner.

Grass Dens / Fights

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Al 2000

Of course this game is enlivened by the seruptitious adding of a thistle or nettle leaf. These days though, the nasty pesticides and such that every peice of greenery is doused in three times a week, does lead to a slight concern as to the long term dangers of such games.

Grass Dens / Fights

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Of Course! I forgot the inclusion of thistles/nettles to the handful. It's been a while.

Grass Dens / Fights

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Lupa Mirabilis, Serious Inquisitor

My high school friends and I used to have quite a few grass fights. Throwing instead of stuffing does in fact work if you're a foot or two apart, which we always were--granted, there's more chance of successful retaliation, but if you gang up on someone (which we also always did), then they don't have much chance to retaliate and it becomes extremely satisfying. Our chosen target was a sophomore named Joel; just before the end of every lunch period, the cry "Grass Joel!" would be audible for many yards around....smiley - smiley

Grass Dens / Fights

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I think with us the objective had to be to build the most elaborate and complex grass bunker system complete with large peices of wood or iron before the local land owner /land owners friend / wannabe land owner would come and instruct us to take it down because it was a hazard to someone. b*stards.

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