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Christmas and New Year are over

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You can call me TC

I phone my mother every evening - unless we are going out or I am otherwise busy, but even then I'll phone her from my mobile in the interval or between courses if I can.

Since my last visit in mid-November we have spoken about Christmas every day - I bought her a sheet of stamps and we got some Christmas cards and I left them on the dining table for her to write her Christmas cards. She said every night that she "must write her cards" - and finally got round to it just the week before Christmas! Well, it was something to talk about.

I must have told her a couple of dozen times that my choice of dish for Christmas lunch was beef Wellington and that there would be 6 of us and one toddler at the table. Sometimes three times in the same phone call.

She has now wished me "Happy new Year" about 10 times - and asked me if everything is back to normal after the holidays (I went back to work on 2 Jan!)

It's a relief if I can find something different to talk about - we have had snow to sweep and shovel these last couple of days, for example - to get out of the conversational rut.

Sometimes she laughs and remembers that I had just told her what I was cooking for dinner (I'm afraid I usually phone her whilst I'm getting dinner ready - "What's that noise in the background? Are you doing the washing up?") when she poses the same question less than a minute later.

These conversations are repetitive but not tedious, and they give her mind something to do, and also get her to use her voice. Sometimes she claims she hasn't spoken to anyone all day and has to clear her throat when she answers the phone. Then she will later mention that she had been to the hairdressers that morning or spoken to so-and-so on the phone.

She is otherwise in good health, but she will be 98 in November and I don't even know if I'll still be phoning her next Christmas, so I enjoy these moments all the same.

Booked a flight over to the UK in February so will be seeing her again soon. Also want to take my husband to the "Revolutions" exhibition at the V&A, so I'm dragging him along - as a birthday present for him; his birthday is at the beginning of Feb.

If anyone's read this far, have they seen the exhibition? Several people I know have raved about it, some have even gone along more than once.

Christmas and New Year are over

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deb - I'm in love with my soup maker & I don't care who knows it

I remember years ago my husband used to call his dad early every evening, and I'd say to him "For goodness sake, vary the conversation a bit!". Then when my husband died I took over the role and realised it was easier said than done. If I varied it a bit, I'd either have to repeat myself as my father-in-law was slightly deaf, or else he would answer the question I usually asked at that point in the conversation smiley - rofl It didn't take me long to start sticking to the script!

But then it's more about the contact than the actual words spoken, I suppose.

Deb smiley - cheerup

Christmas and New Year are over

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paulh, scolding the squirrels in the park

My father is 97, and almost deaf in one ear. The other ear has maybe half its normal hearing. So, if I don't choose words carefully, he doesn't understand. Maybe he reads lips, though, as he gets most of what I say when he can see my face.

Christmas and New Year are over

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aka Bel - A87832164

You're right to cherish the conversations, soon enough you won't be bale to have them. smiley - hug

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