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Name one thing you don't have in your home

That you'd really, really like. I'll start the ball rolling.

A bidet.

I'm not going to go into details, for obvious reasons, but toilet paper cannot possibly be the best solution for... the thing it's used for smiley - yuk

I understand you can grow smiley - petunias in them too smiley - biggrin

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12 across

Right, left rubbish (8 letters)

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This makes me very happy

Time has always marched on. Things come and go. Not everything that was there when you a kid is going to be there when you get old and you have to accept that, although the pace of change these days often makes it seem like change for the sake of it.

Spangles are no more, Opal Fruits, the Mappin and Webb Building, my secondary school, London Transport, British Railways, The Topper, The Beezer, the Brooke Bond chimps, Watney's Red Barrel (thank Bob), Top of the Pops. Hell, even Doctor Who went away for a while.

But Tunnock's are still around, they're still making Caramels and Teacakes, they haven't changed anything about the recipe or the packaging (which still has the very 1950s-looking Tunnock's boy on it), and best of all - they're still a family business and haven't been swallowed up by some smiley - bleep corporation. Which would almost certainly mean that I wouldn't be writing this now, nor would they have been featured in the opening ceremony for the Commonwealth Games

Whenever a friend from here is returning from a visit to the UK, or a friend from the UK is coming here, I always ask them to bring me some Tunnock's Caramels smiley - drool

So now you know smiley - whistle

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Bloody, er... weather?
Lightning strikes cause "major disruption" to rail services in England and south Wales.

This is one of the most poorly written news stories I can remember seeing in a good while. I had to read it though to the end, and then read it again to be, well, I'm still not entirely sure if the 'lightning strikes' in question are weather-related or the result of industrial action. I'm assuming the former, even though there's no mention of storms, rain, flooding or any other meteorological phenomena, because I know the BBC well enough by now that had it been the latter, the piece would have been liberally peppered with angry vox pops from irate commuters railing at the bolshy railways staff and their inhumanity and arrogance.

"A strike in the Surbiton area" also makes me lean towards the probability of electrical discharges from above, because such localised industrial action seems improbable.

However, after scrolling beyond the bottom of the BBC-written content I now see:

More on This Story

From other news sites Storms cause commuter chaos 1 hr ago
MSN UK Lightning causes travel disruption 4 hrs ago
Huffington Post UK UK Weather Blighted As Summer Storms Return With A Bang (PICTURES) 8 hrs ago

So I guess that clears that up. I swear they must be employing 12-year-olds to write for the BBC these days. Perhaps that's all they can afford now. Bloody austerity measures. Pay your licence fee! Hell, it's worth it for Just a Minute on its own... right?

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Back to normal

Things have been a bit weird these past few years. British riders won the Tour de France two years running. Another British rider won the green jersey. The England cricket team kept winning, including the Ashes, away and at home. A British tennis player even won the Wimbledon men's championship after 70-odd years.

I'm glad to say that normality has been resumed.

The England cricket team are crap again. Froome and Cavendish both crashed out of the Tour early on. Andy Murray didn't make it to the final of Wimbledon. The England football team were utterly dismal in Brazil (but that was a given anyway).

We can all breath easily again. Panic over. Phew smiley - ok

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