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It's political correctness gone mad

No, really. Not only mad, but damn well destructive
"Several staff described their nervousness about identifying the ethnic origins of perpetrators for fear of being thought as racist"

I despair smiley - facepalm

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I think Almighty Bob must like me

Because last week someone gave me a $25 gift card for the local foodie supermarket, which also happens to be the place where I buy most of my beer. I went there this morning and guess what. They have a beer sale on this week - spend $25 on beer and you get 20% off smiley - cheers

Well, beer is a food group isn't it? Two if you get a fruit beer like Kriek smiley - tongueout And the monks manage to live on doppelbock during Lent. So it's a good job I bought a bottle of Salvator smiley - biggrin And that Guinness is going in a steak pie.

I rest my case.

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Skipping the 20th century, going straight to the 21st

I can still remember the first ad I ever saw for the Sony Walkman. It was in the NME and it was a banner ad, across the top of two pages, probably a quarter or a fifth of the page. On the left hand page there was a picture of a cassette case with the caption "Introducing the Sony Walkman" or some very similar copy. On the right hand page was a Walkman *and* the cassette case with a caption along the lines of "Sorry, the cassette was in front of it".

I didn't pay it much attention at the time. I didn't really grasp what an innovation it was and how it was going to revolutionise the way people (some people) listen to music. I didn't really get that until I found myself sitting next to people on the bus or the train with that tinny "tss tss tss tss" leaking out of their headphones and annoying everyone else.

Either way, I never felt the need to own one, and I never have owned one, or a personal stereo of any kind. Not until now, anyway.

One of the things I do to dissuade the crazies and the nutters from talking to me on the bus is to wear a pair of earbuds (nearly said headphones there - showing my age smiley - senior)so that it looks like I'm listing to something. In fact, the jack is tucked into my shirt pocket along with nothing else but but my spectacles. It's a ruse smiley - biggrin

But yesterday the former Mrs Gosho gave me her old iPod because I'd been talking about how I might have to start taking a longer bus journey soon (my bus ride to the Drafthouse was all of ten minutes), and how it'd be handy to have one for listening to some BBC radio podcasts, or some programmes I've recorded and turned into mp3s. I'll probably put a little prog rock on there too smiley - whistle

And she left some pictures and videos of Dewey and Flossie on it smiley - brave

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Wimbledon. I'm over it.

The grunters, the screamers, the face-wipers, the prima donnas, the lingering shots on the families/boyfriends/girlfriends/coaches sitting in the guest box, the preponderance of slo-mo replays of every triumphal snarl and grimace, the lack of slo-mo replays of the actual play, and most of all the bloody jobsworth who took away the jug of Pimm's from the presenters' table smiley - cross

I miss Des Lyneham and Des Lyneham's striped blazer. I miss the old theme tune. I miss the rooftop setting amid the foliage and flowers, with tasteful and classy wooden furniture and the feeling it gave the viewer that you're actually there. The studio they're made to sit in now is cold, slick and completely lacking any atmosphere. I really don't care for the on-court after-match interviews. Jeez, give the player a chance to shower first.

This is all a great sadness to me because Wimbledon fortnight, as it once was, is one of the summer events (sporting or otherwise) I look forward to every year with an enormous sense of anticipation. After all, Wimbledon is the jewel in the crown of tennis. There's nothing like it anywhere else, and very few events like it left in any sport (the Lord's test, for instance). All the players and the former players praise it for that very reason. It means midsummer to me. It means being very English. It means doing things right instead of doing them to popular demand. It means a banishment of bling. It means substance over style. It means no advertising. It means the BBC doing what it does best.

Or it did. And that's a damn shame.

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What would Fred have done?

Dibnah, that is.

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