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Does anyone like this?

I keep hearing it used as either theme music or background music or music between pieces all over the radio

It's a horrible, annoying, irritating noise. I don't get it.

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I suppose it had to happen eventually

After so many years of saying I'm not going to have one, I got a smartphone. It's largely because of all that brouhaha with the mp3 player getting broken a few weeks ago (see here F50359?thread=8314020 ).

I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but the former Mrs Gosho, who gave me the player for my birthday last year, looked around for a replacement and found some on Amazon that look exactly like an iPod, but that's where the similarity ends because they only cost about $20. The reviews for those weren't too good but I found another one, not like an iPod, that was $30 and had spectacular reviews, so she said she'd order it with her Prime account and it should be there next day (Thursday).

I get home from work on Thursday: nothing in the mailbox or the office, although according to the tracking it's been delivered. Same thing on Friday - nowt. On Saturday I call the office from work to see if somehow it got dropped off there but the note pinned to my door had fallen or blown away. Nope.

So Mrs Gosho gets a refund.

By now I've started to think that I may as well just cave in and get a smartphone anyway because I can use it as an mp3 player and also listen to the radio on the bus to and from work, which is mostly what I use it for anyway - hardly ever listen to mp3s on it except for cricket commentary I've downloaded.

So now Mrs Gosho suggests that I get on her friends and family plan too. It's going to work out about the same monthly cost as what I've been paying for the past six or seven years for unlimited text and 500 minutes of calls a month (which I never use... I mean *never*: I only ever call the ISP or the leccy to let them know there's a problem or I've moved).

So here I am with a brand new (free) Android phone (a Galaxy S5, since you ask). I seem to have gone from 0 to 160 in no time flat smiley - online2long. I'm still as wary of smartphones as I was beforehand and have no intention of using it as ubiquitously as most people do, but it's going to come in handy for a few things, such as checking out how long before the next bus is due at a particular stop if I'm already on another bus.

And the mp3 player? Well, it showed up the following Tuesday smiley - huh And it's a mighty fine radio smiley - ok And it's so cheap it has a display that reminds me of nothing more or less than a Space Invaders machine smiley - laugh But it works, it does the job, and there's no bloatware. Which is more than I can say for the phone smiley - cross But at least I can uninstall iTunes from my PC now smiley - oksmiley - ok

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She may get woolly, young girls they do get woolly

It's the All Star break, so that mean it's time for my once an annual year viewing of Bull Durham smiley - biggrin Ooh, Susan Sarandon at her most gorgeous and sexy smiley - loveblush Whiskey will be drunk, peanuts will be eaten, Max Patkin will be remembered.

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On days like this it's hard not to believe in woo

Because days like this are exactly the kind of day made 'There must be something in the planets'.

It's the 13th. Okay, not Friday the 13th, but the 13th nonetheless.

It's my Friday (a Good Thing, obviously), but instead of my usual 8-4 shift, which would mean getting home shortly after 5.00pm, and getting into a smiley - stiffdrink shortly after getting home, I got a 10-6 shift today, which would usually mean getting home shortly after 7pm (see below).

Getting a 10am start meant I had time for breakfast this morning. Normally another Good Thing, only today I managed to turn one ring *on* instead of turning *down* the ring that held the pan that was boiling my eggs. Result: one melted plastic lid, a lot of acrid smoke and a wailing smoke alarm. And a mess of molten plastic to be cleaned up. And a container that now has no lid.

When I got to work I was fully expecting the canning line to be in full swing but there was silence. There was something wrong with the piece equipment that prints the batch number and date on the bottom of the cans.

Later on, someone put too much yeast nutrient into a tank of cider. Result: a Mount Vesuvius, much panicking, a lot of cider on the floor (and some on the ceiling), and a mess to be cleaned up.

Later still, there was something wrong with the boiler so we couldn't run the pasteuriser and a handful of people had to be sent home.

While I was getting changed out of my work clothes I must have dropped my mp3 player on the floor. Not noticing this I then stepped on it and it's banjaxed. It's the only thing that makes my bus journeys to and from work in any way tolerable because most of the people here have no clue how buses work or that there are other people on them. Even the people who use them every day. I have to get another player. Soon. Or I'll posting from a jail cell on a charge of GBH. Or possibly murder.

Getting off work later meant catching a different bus to the one I normally get when I clock off at 4pm. The driver of that particular bus is one who I do my best to avoid. He stops at bus stops when no-one's getting on or off, just on the offchance someone might have forgotten to ring the bell. He slows down (and sometimes even stops) for green lights. He won't move the bus an Ã…ngstrom until 30 seconds after everyone has ambled their way to a seat, sat down and composed themselves. He stops the bus and opens the doors if there's *anyone* walking within 20 yards of a bus stop, then we all sit and watch as the person in questions saunters past. Any traffic light he doesn't slow down for anyway, he somehow manages to catch just as it turns red.

So instead of getting home shortly after 7pm, I got home shortly after 7.30pm. After clocking off at 6pm. With a commute that would take no more than 30 minutes in a car.

Jinnan tonnyx duly poured and drunk smiley - stiffdrink

I'll clean up that melted plastic tomorrow. Probably.

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The So Event Horizon (not a typo)

We're very close to it, aren't we. Almost no-one these days can start a sentence without a 'So', even people you wouldn't think would do it, such as those invited to take part in an In Our Time programme on Radio 4.

Will 'So' eventually become 'So, like,'? smiley - headhurts

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