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No, no, no

Both the act and the word are thoroughly unpleasant smiley - yuk And banned from these pages smiley - cross

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Dem branes

This is getting to be a habit. Once again KB has started a journal ( F1886503?thread=8311326 )that's got me thinking so hard about something that I've had to start a related journal of my own in order to avoid hijacking his one smiley - laugh

The skeleton is a fantastic piece of evolutionary engineering for sure, but one that's even more astonishing is the brain. Here I am, an atheist who knows that everything we are has simply developed over billions of years, and yet I'm able to think. I have thoughts, a personality, an imagination, an awareness, a consciousness. I'm capable of creating abstract concepts, of thinking abstract thoughts, of understanding the universe, of being in tune with other people and liking (or disliking) some of the same things they do. Of being a part of humanity.

And it's not only humans who can do some of those things.

To put all that down to a gradual development of biological tissues over the billenia (not a typo) is quite something, but as someone who has no time for the supernatural, that's what it must be.

And if it happened here...

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I wonder...

I really should have thought of this months and months ago but, you know.

We get an enormous amount of junk mail here, usually on Wednesday or Thursday, and most people throw theirs into a rubbish bin right by the mailboxes. Some of it is newsprint, some is glossy, some of it's in envelopes.

Years (decades) ago I remember seeing the first incarnation of those paper brick makers on Tomorrow's World (probably) and thinking what a wonderfully clever idea it was (and also that I wish I'd thought of the idea and patented it smiley - envy). Those things where you soak old newspapers in water for a day or two and then use this machine to squeeze out most of the water and turn the paper into a solid brick that you can burn in a fireplace, after drying it out.

Well, now I've got a fireplace and it's only just occurred to me that all that paper people are throwing away for recycling is free heat! I really should have made the connection because it's not the first time I've had a fireplace (although it's been a while), and I've been using it to burn anything with my name and address on it since I moved in last February (got to be careful about identity theft these days). So I could have got myself one of these machines several months ago and been stockpiling paper bricks all summer. It's not like I don't have plenty of time on my hands right now, and the hot Texas sun would dry them out in no time flat.

To be honest, I think I did make the connection before, just not a strong enough connection to spur me into action smiley - facepalm

So, should I get one now? They're around $25 on Amazon, which is less than half my monthly electricity bill and would therefore pay for itself in one winter. Or should I try to figure out a way of rolling the paper up without the aid of one of those alternative newspaper-for-burning-in-the-fireplace thingies which rolls dry newspaper pages into logs without having to soak them first (a plus), but appear to have a pretty poor rating for quality and ease of use (a minus)? Because even with this bigger apartment, soaking loads of paper is going to be problematic, as is finding somewhere to squeeze the water out afterwards.

Without taking it downstairs and giving the game away to all my neighbours by doing it outside smiley - evilgrin

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Reading Happy Nerd's 'NoPeePoBellyBumDrawers for me' conversation has thrown up an interesting question.

Disregarding those written with the intention of submitting to PR for inclusion in the Edited Guide, those written for The Post, or for any other specific h2g2 section, does anyone write entries any more? I can't remember the last time I wrote one, although I could go to my entry list and check the date of the most recent one... which is May 13th 2013. That's more recent than I thought and I can't remember why I created it (it's empty). The one before that is October 2008 (also empty).

The last one I created with any actual content that was intended to be non-edited was January 31st 2007 A19384194

So does anyone create entries just for fun/the hell of it/to add to the sum of knowledge on h2g2 without putting it in The Guide? I mean, that was the main intention h2g2's creation the first place, as far as I interpret it. 100% of my h2g2 usage is in conversations these days, and probably 99% of that is in mine or friends' journals.

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Best invention ever

After I moved out of my one-room apartment into this, one-bedroom, place, I was faced with a problem - I only have one radio, and it's a radio alarm. In the other apartment that wasn't a problem. My bed was also my sofa, so the radio woke me up in the morning, I got up, turned the bed back into a sofa and continued listening.

Now though, the radio is in the bedroom and the sofa... isn't.

These days, thankfully, we have the internet, and most radio stations stream, so I can listen to Morning Edition and All Things Considered with the aid of the PC.

But, oh calamity, it's election time, and despite NPR being free of ads, they will insist on playing examples of campaign ads, as well as extracts from political stump speeches and interviews with unpleasant politicians.

So thank heavens for that button on my keyboard - the one that mutes the PC's soundcard smiley - ok The moment I hear the beginning of a report about the election - or anything at all I don't want to listen to - I can just press that button, and it's gone smiley - bigeyes Of course, I was able to reach across and turn off the radio before, but this is so much easier and quicker, and there's far less chance of me spilling my smiley - tea

But I do occasionally forget to turn the sound back on smiley - flustered

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