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6am is the new 7.00

For as long as I can remember 7am has been my ideal time to wake up, even as far back as when I was at school. It just feels right. It's not so early that I feel I haven't had enough sleep, and it's not so late that I feel like I've wasted part of the day sleeping and suddenly it's lunchtime and I've hardly done anything. It's also light by 7am for most of the year, and I think it should be light by the time you wake.

Not any more. Now I feel the same way about 6am. I suspect this is for at least two reasons, leastways that I can think of.

Firstly, since I got off the night shifts at work I've been clocking in at 8am, which means getting up at around 5.45 if I'm going to have a shower, get a cuppa and do a little surfing (which years ago would have been browsing the newspaper) in time to get out of the door and catch the bus, so waking up at 6am almost feels like a lie in.

Secondly, if I go to bed any time before midnight these days I know I'm likely to wake up before 6.00. There's just no point in having an early night.

What I'd like to know though is why do I wake up *earlier* on my days off? smiley - huh Yesterday and today I've been awake soon after 5am, even though I went to bed around midnight and spent about 20 minutes reading.

It was actually quite useful yesterday - I'd made a pre-ferment the night before so I was able to have my bread baked and cooling down before 11am - always a good thing at this time of the year with the a/c running full blast in the afternoon.

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I keep getting them. Very, very vivid ones, as if I'm right there again, in a particular time. I'll suddenly get a strong sensation of the feeling, the vibe of that time. Because all the periods of your life do have a certain, well, taste, for want of a better word. The early 70s taste different to the late 70s, which taste different to the 60s and the 80s. The 90s... they were a bit bland really and didn't taste of anything much at all.

I get a particularly strong one when I watch the end credits of the first (black and white) series of The Avengers with Emma Peel in it. The theme tune to The Prisoner often brings it on too, but there doesn't have be a trigger - usually they come out of nowhere.

And the sun always seems to be shining smiley - bigeyes

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Feed a cold and starve a fever

Having a cold - even a summer cold, and even the first cold in three years - ain't so bad smiley - drool

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I'm going outside now... I may be some time

A few days at least. Heading off to Dallas to see the former Mrs Gosho and Dewey smiley - biggrin And to collect some of Flossie's ashes smiley - sadface

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A question for our readers in Germany

The unexploded German bomb found in Bethnal Green yesterday is still making news (because it hasn't yet been defused), and this is the third WW2 bomb to be dealt with in London this year. There must be many more lying under the ground all over the capital.

How often do unexploded British bombs in German cities make the news?

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