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Back to normal

Things have been a bit weird these past few years. British riders won the Tour de France two years running. Another British rider won the green jersey. The England cricket team kept winning, including the Ashes, away and at home. A British tennis player even won the Wimbledon men's championship after 70-odd years.

I'm glad to say that normality has been resumed.

The England cricket team are crap again. Froome and Cavendish both crashed out of the Tour early on. Andy Murray didn't make it to the final of Wimbledon. The England football team were utterly dismal in Brazil (but that was a given anyway).

We can all breath easily again. Panic over. Phew smiley - ok

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So much pudding, so little time

The weather was so nice yesterday I decided, rather late in the day, to do a load of baking. If that sounds odd to those of you who aren't subscribed to the 'Weather report from Austin' conversation, that's because it was unseasonably cool yesterday, to the tune of 18°F/10°C - the normal for this time of the year is 96/35.6, but our maximum yesterday was only 78/25.6. So I baked a dozen currant buns and I steamed the Christmas pudding that's been sitting in the pantry since last December.

I may have overdone it a bit, seeing as how I'm only about half way through the chocolate cake I made earlier this week smiley - blush

The smiley - weird thing is, I finished steaming the smiley - xmaspud quite late, around 10.30pm, turned off the heat and left it in the pot to cool down, then went to bed having forgotten about it. This morning it's still warm. Not awfully so, but warm enough to notice that's warm. For reference, the minimum temperature last night was 70F/21C. Which is also unseasonably cool, but only by 5°F.

I've got a few Christmas beers in the fridge (Anchor Christmas, Avery Old Jubilation, Great Divide Hibernation, and I might pull that four-year-old bottle of The Czar out of the pantry smiley - drool) to go with it, but I'll need to buy some cream this weekend.

So feel free to start the war on Christmas (in July) smiley - ok

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Who in the world?

ABC's television lineup for autumn 1965. From left to right, Dickie Davies, Philip Harben, Dusty Springfield, Patrick Macnee, Diana Rigg, Bruce Forsyth, Britt Eckland, Ian Hendry and... ???

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If you don't hear from me after this you'll know why

Having found some discarded Home Office files in a litter bin in St James's Park I can reveal that there's a sliding scale of secret agents.

00 (eg, James Bond, 007): Licensed to kill.
01 (eg 017): Licensed to cause permanent disability including, but not limited to, the loss of one or more limbs.
02: Licensed to cause permanent disability not including the loss of a limb.
03: Licensed to cause the total loss of one or more senses.
04: Licensed to cause injuries that result in the loss of a hand or a foot.
05: Licensed to cause the partial loss of one or more senses.
06: Licensed to cause injuries that result in the loss of a finger or toe.
07: Licensed to cause injuries that result in a hospital stay of no more than six months.
08: Licensed to cause injuries that result in (up to and including) non-compound fractures.
09: Licensed to cause superficial cuts and bruises concomitant with having been involved in a pub brawl.

Now you know smiley - whistle

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Everyone's a bloody news presenter now

I like sport. Lots of sport. Cricket, Formula One, athletics, baseball, and certain big events for sports I usually don't usually have much interest in such as the Tour de France, Wimbledon, the Grand National and the Boat Race. Even, sometimes sports I really don't like - yes, I've seen a World Cup game or two, although I missed Germany against Brazil yesterday. I saw the game was about to start and thought about going to the bar across the street for a pint or two, but I decided to stay in and make some scones instead.

Should have gone to the bar smiley - rolleyes

We can't always watch sports live, usually because we're working, so we watch the highlights that are often shown in the evening, or perhaps record it and watch it later. Which means we've got to try and avoid the result of the contest and any details about it. Which used to be relatively easy. You avoid radio and television news, and if you're listening to a radio station that has occasional sports updates that aren't part of the news you either turn the sound down as soon as you here the jingle that usually goes with them, or stick your fingers in your ears and go 'Woowoowoowoowoo' (and hope no-one's watching smiley - blush

That's not possible any more.

Too many people seem to think they have to post comments about whatever they're watching or listening to on Twitter now. I really don't get that. We used to talk about things to our friends *after* they'd happened, whether it was a sporting event, the cliffhanger ending of a drama, even "Bloody hell, did you see that new Queen song on Top of the Pops last night? Fantastic. And the film they made to go with it too! That was amazing!!! Strange name though, Bohemian Rhapsody."

That's how it used to work. Most of us (except for that one annoying little oik that every workplace has) would also respect our friends' wishes not to know anything until after they'd seen it. We weren't all on the phone to each other while it was going on, saying 'Hey, hey, hey, hey, this just happened, and now this, and now this.' Nor were we forcing others to be on the phone and listening to our conversation.

But that's pretty much how it is now, not only with Twitter, but with rolling news and news websites. You can't avoid news you don't want to see unless you unsubscribe from Twitter, the internet, all human contact, the entire bloody world. Which is why I've just found out something about the Tour de France that I'd really rather have not known about until I see the highlights show either tonight or tomorrow smiley - cross From a weatherman smiley - huh

Why? Do people for so bloody important now that they have be the first to tell the world? Whether the world wants to know, or not?

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