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It's Friday and I'm home

And the first jinnan tonnyx is out of the way smiley - oksmiley - stiffdrink

What do you mean, it's not Friday? It might not be your Friday but it's my Friday because I have the next two days off smiley - biggrin Now, if you don't mind, I've got another smiley - stiffdrink to deal with smiley - runsmiley - stiffdrink

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Oh Texas

I've just heard an interview on KUT with the bloke who wrote this piece; much of what he said in the interview is also in the story

For all the wailing and gnashing of teeth that we've been hearing on NPR about county clerks from Texas (and other southern states) saying they'll defy the Supreme Court ruling, and both governors and attorneys general from the same states saying they don't have to issue marriage licences to same-sex couples if it goes against their religious beliefs... well, apparently that ain't so if the story is correct.

This will probably go the same way as desegregation. After Brown vs Board of Education many southern jurisdictions refused to implement the ruling, were sued and made to, and eventually it just became A Thing.

I don't know what to make of Jennifer Fountain. In her email she seems to be a halfway reasonable and conciliatory person, until she gets to the end: "God will not acknowledge these marriages and they know that. They only want a licence so they can draw each others [sic] SS benefits like everyone else."

Yeah, that's a *real* Christian attitude, Jennifer smiley - facepalm

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This what the interwebs was meant for

If you're of a certain age it's becoming ever more difficult to remember what it was like to wonder about something and have no way of looking it up right there and then, unless you had an up-to-date encyclopaedia at home or the library was next door (and open). So it's with great joy that I came across this yesterday and at long last found out how to do something I've wanted to learn for more than 40 years - how to sing the harmony in If I Fell by The Beatles smiley - musicalnote It's always been one of my favourite Lennon-McCartney songs smiley - bigeyes

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I've paid off my credit card

That's not as bad as it sounds.

Several years ago the former Mrs Gosho suggested I get a credit card because it would be another tool in building a credit rating besides, eg, paying your utility bills on time. I wasn't keen on the idea but she said it'd help because a good rating is useful in all kinds of ways that I couldn't even begin to think of, not just for getting a lower rate on loans, for instance, and even getting a job. That's just not right as far as I'm concerned, but it's the way things are smiley - cross

So I did, and I used it sparingly, always staying within my limit, but only paying around 90-95% of the balance each month because I'd heard somewhere that credit card companies don't like people who pay all their balance every month (because they don't make as much interest off people who do that), and that it's not unknown for them to simply close your account. That was some time ago; I don't know if they still do that, or are allowed to. I wouldn't be surprised if they can.

Any road up. Over the years I've used it less and less, partly because I can't see the point of buying something with a card, that's going to charge me interest, for something I could buy with cash, which won't, but mostly because we now know how much data about us corporations are collecting, almost minute-by minute. The credit card company will have been doing that and profiling me through my purchases, and although I'm sure that by now they already have a pretty good idea of what kind of person I might be based on their algorithms and judgements, but I want to minimise that as much as I can from now on.

(Did you notice there how I avoided using that ghastly buzzphrase 'going forward'? smiley - yuk)

There are going to be times, such as online payments, where I don't have any choice but to use some form of plastic payment, and I'd rather it be a credit card rather than a debit card because if someone gets your CC details they're spending money that you, in all likelihood, won't have to pay (that's been the case with me twice now), but if they get the details of your debit card there's always the possibility they could empty your bank account. A remote possibility, given the way that unusual activity is flagged these days, but a possibility nonetheless.

So this month, for the first time, I wrote a cheque for the full amount of the (very, very small) balance, and will continue to do so from now on.

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This is getting ridiculous

I've been working a regular Monday to Friday schedule for three or four weeks now. I don't care for it, but that's another conversation. Yet another conversation, which I think we've already had, is my tendency to fall asleep on the sofa at some point during the evening for anything up to three hours.

Last night I got home from work around 5.30pm. I took off my boots, got out of my travelling-to-work clothes, took my work clothes out of my bag, made a cuppa and sat down on the sofa. Next thing I know it's almost dark outside and the clock is telling me it's 9pm. Oh well, there goes half my Friday evening, let's get a bite to eat and watch something. One pork sandwich, one episode of The Avengers, this week's Have I Got a Bit More News For You (did Gary Squeaky-Clean Lineker really say *that* word smiley - yikes), and halfway into listening to a Goon Show, I fall asleep again... must have been around 11pm. I wake up at 2am.

Sigh. Oh well, I might as well go to bed and read until my eyelids can't stay open any more, which was only about 15 minutes, and after I switched out the light it wasn't long before I nodded off. My radio alarm came on at 7am, and I was still fast asleep at the time, despite having had about six hours kip during the previous evening, and another four and a half in bed.

Excluding evenings when I've gone out, which is only once a week, if that, I can't remember the last time I didn't fall asleep on the sofa for at least an hour (usually more) during the evening. Okay, I know that my alarm goes off at some time between 5am and 6am on work days, depending on what time I'm scheduled to clock in, and that I usually go to bed around midnight (I know that if I go to bed any time before midnight I'll wake up at 5am anyway), but you're supposed to need less sleep as you get older. After a year of working at my first job on a 8am to 4.30pm schedule, I switched to working 7am to 6pm each day, Monday to Friday. If I went over to a friend's place of an evening I'd start falling asleep soon after 10pm, but I was only 19 then and needed more sleep that I do 40 years later.

I've turned into my dad.

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