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What I really need is

A radio alarm clock that can also store and play mp3s and FLACs. Does such a thing exist, I wonder? And I don't mean one that will dock an mp3 player.

Then, when I go to bed, I could listen to my copies of those late-night Radio 4 comedies that I used to love hearing, as well as a certain other Radio 4 series that we all known and love.

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A bloody pet spa?

You may recall a few months ago that I ranted about how the management company that bought this apartment complex earlier this year put my rent up by nearly a century a month, only to tell us two weeks later that they were closing down the laundry room to make a bigger fitness centre and clubhouse smiley - grr

Well, they've been working on the building for several weeks, and this morning I noticed some signs going up besides various doors for the aforementioned clubhouse, fitness centre... and pet spa smiley - huh

You took away the laundry room for a place where dogs are going to... well, I don't know what a pet spa even is. And I don't bloody care. I'm so annoyed I could smash a teacup smiley - cross

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I'm sure you must have heard about the debacle surrounding the company by now. Which is a damn shame because VWs are the only vehicles I've ever owned, and if I should ever learn to drive here and buy a car, the only ones I'd want to own. I wish they made motorbikes too.

How do the people who perpetrate that kind of thing, whether it's a deliberate intention to do something underhand or an attempt to cover something up, imagine they're going to get away with it? I'm reminded, for instance, of the rootkit Sony put on some of their CDs ten years ago Also Enron. Also the peanut business owner who was jailed yesterday for 28 years. Also Also... I could go on and on and on.

They must know they're eventually going to get found out.

Or are we to assume there are some that have never been uncovered? I think it's a given there must be others that are going on right now.

As for people who think regulation is a Bad Thing... put them all on the B Ark smiley - cross

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The best things come in threes

On holiday.
On the sofa.
On the gin smiley - stiffdrink

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Sometimes I just can't see the wood for the trees

I bought a 4TB hard drive a some months ago which was on sale at a very tempting price (which I can't remember now, but it was very good) because my other drives are starting to stretch and creak at the seams (and if any of this sounds familiar... F50359?thread=8312988 ). I hooked it up to one of my external enclosures ready to format it... disk management says it's only 1.6TB.

smiley - huh

At first I thought that my OS couldn't see a 4TB drive (I'm not sure why I thought that... maybe because XP had problems with drives over a certain size), but in the end it was nothing more than an older docking station which can't see drives bigger than 2TB. Oh, okay, I guess I'll have to buy a new one of those smiley - flustered

So I put it to one side and mostly forgot about it, except each morning when I get a daily email from a certain online computer parts retailer (the very one I bought the drive from) telling me what they have on sale.

This was nearly six months ago. It took me until yesterday to remember that I have a spare hard drive bay in the computer which I haven't been using because the power cord that came with the motherboard only has five connectors, and I already have three hard drives and two DVD drives installed (the second DVD drive is for my British region 2 films).

Oh well, I'll unplug the region 2 drive, use that connector for the new hard drive and see what happens.

Result smiley - ok Now I have 10TB of storage on the PC. If I want to watch The Bargee, or Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush, or Loot, or Entertaining Mr Sloane, or a handful of others, I'll just have to unplug the region 1 drive. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

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