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Wheels within wheels

smiley - cogs

I think I'm going to have to start my own version of BG's Synchronicity thread because things keep... happening. Like this morning for instance.

I've never knowingly heard anyone use the term 'baked in' to describe something fixed or permanent, until today, when I've already come across it three times and it's not yet 11am. The first two were on the radio, and I can only remember one of them - someone was describing a nasty piece of spy/adware that Lenovo have been installing on their PCs Now though, they're not doing it any more and are trying to get it off the PCs that already have it. I heard one commentator in the story describing it as being 'baked into the operating system'.

A while later, in another story, I heard someone else use the term 'baked in'.

And just now I read this: "That's something I have baked into my DNA and it's very hard not to have that kind of reaction."

I don't much care for it to be honest. It sounds like it might be a new buzzphrase that everyone wants to use. But as a side order of spookiness, the BBC story is about telesales calls, and that bloke's tale is about how he got more of them once he signed up for the no-call database. Well, the same thing has happened to me in the past few months. I've had this number for several years now. It's a cellphone, it's my only phone, and it's only this year that I've started getting any sales call on it. After the first one, early in Jaunary, I added my number to the federal no-call list. Yesterday I got two calls within 15 minutes from a company, both from different numbers, with a robomessage, asking if I wanted to place an advertising sign outside my house, and this morning I've found the same message on my voicemail smiley - cross

And last Wednesday I watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, a film directed by John Madden (something I wasn't aware of) which just happened to come up in my Netflix queue. Not only did I hear his name mentioned a couple of times last week, but this week it seems that The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is about to be released.

smiley - cogs

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A la recherche du Knotty Ash

Here I am at work, on my own, the machine's been running since 10am, and it's loud enough that you can't really listen to speech radio so it's been music until now, but now it's off for a while so I thought I'd listen to some BBC programmes on Radio 4 Extra. One of them was a Ken Dodd Show from 1964, which I believe used to be be broadcast around Sunday dinnertime (nearly said lunchtime there, but it was definitely dinnertime in the middle of the day back then).

Now, Marcel Proust had a rush of childhood memories when he smelled a cake, but it was the other way round for me just now. As I was listening I realised that I could smell roast beef, Yorkshire pud, roast spuds, gravy smiley - brave

It made me full of plumptiousness smiley - biggrin How tickled I am smiley - cheerup What a beautiful day missus, what a beautiful day for for filling your tights full of sand, standing on your head, and saying "how's that for an egg timer!". Let's all go down the jam butty mines smiley - drool

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Esio Trot

What a simply charming and wonderful piece of work. I very nearly blubbed smiley - brave Judi Dench and Dustin Hoffman smiley - bigeyes

And what a nice surprise to see Geoffrey McGivern in a small role smiley - biggrin

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"My dear Norfolk... this isn't Spain. This is England"

I watched the first episode of Wolf Hall last night. It's a fascinating counterpoint to the portrayal of Thomas Cromwell as written by Robert Bolt and played by Leo McKern in A Man For All Seasons, my favourite film bar none. Unfortunately the film has pretty much ruined, for me, any depiction of events surrounding Henry VIII's break with Rome because it's such a strong, rich piece of writing and acting. Thomas More will always be Paul Scofield, Henry will always be Robert Shaw, Cromwell will always be Leo McKern, Wolsey will always be Orson Wells.

But, despite McKern's scheming and devious Cromwell (and he was), a couple of events (one factual, the other probably a bit of artistic licence) in the first episode did have me leaning sympathetically towards him. I'm intrigued to see where this series is going to go.

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Mmmm, raspberries

I always preferred raspberries to strawberries as a kid, and ever since then too.

So I think I'll get a Raspberry Pi. After all, less is more.

Oh, we have no smiley, unless you count smiley - tongueout

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