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Early nights

What's the bloody point in going to sleep before midnight? All it means is I wake up at bloody 5am for no bloody good reason smiley - yawn

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What's that word?
(that should take you to the desired spot - if not, scroll to 4m 47s)

smiley - musicalnote
Oh how I'd love to eat anything I wanted,
Bangers and beans and enormous lumps of fried bread.
smiley - huh, chop and chips, and steak and kidney pies...

I can't make it out, nor can I figure out what it might be. When he sings it the second time around it sounds like it might be egg, but on the first lap it looks and sounds like the word starts with the letter F.

It's probably something really obvious, isn't it smiley - flustered

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Not who you might think

If you've a mind to, click on this YouTube link with your eyes closed and let your mind decide who you might be listening to

Unless you're already familiar with his singing style I reckon you're not within a country mile of who it actually is. It took my breath away when I first heard it.

For the benefit of our overseas readers, this is how said person is more usually seen

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What are the chances of this actually working?

I bought some chicken hearts today. The plan is to roast them and then eat them as snacks - nosh a couple or three of them while I'm drinking some beer, the way you'd pop a pretzel or a pork scratching into your gob. It's around this time of the evening, after 9pm, that I get a craving for something savoury to eat, especially if I'm drinking a bottle of beer.

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Well this is embarrassing

I've just found a DVD in my backpack that I reported missing to Netflix about two months ago. I must have put it in there when I was at the mailbox but then forgotten all about it smiley - blush It's the first disc of Yes Prime Minister.

Thing is, I requested a replacement disc... which I just sent back a few days ago. It's going to look pretty strange when they get it from me out of the blue, having just sent the same disc back smiley - laugh

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