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Sho / Flo - what's the difference?

i know, right? I love 'em

The Facepalm Thread

Post 262

Hey, careful man, there's a Gosho here

You've both clearly been overcome by the brainwashing fumes they give off. But who's to say the old metal dustbins weren't involved in government surveillance too. I don't know about you but my mum (and all my mates' mums) used to keep our dustbin spotless - no smells or nastiness. Any food waste, whether vegetable peelings or meat trimmings, was wrapped in newspaper, and the bin was scrubbed out each week after the dustmen had emptied it.

She was so proud to have a government transmitter in the back garden smiley - bigeyes

The Facepalm Thread

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Sho / Flo - what's the difference?

I don't have time for that malarkey, although when I'm off I may get the power hose onto them.

We have 4 wheelie bins plus 3 large green plastic boxes. They are: small wheeliebin with brown lid is for all food waste and garden clippings (including in our area raw meat), large wheeliebin with yellow lid is for packaging to be recycled (eg. plastic, styrofoam, tin cans, yoghurt pots etc), large wheeliebin with blue lid is for paper and cardboard and small black wheeliebin is for things that can't be put elsewhere. The green plastic boxes are for glass which is to be sorted into "white", green and brown. smiley - magic

The Facepalm Thread

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Hey, careful man, there's a Gosho here

Good grief. That all deserves a smiley - facepalm of its own. Seems like far more malarkey than what my mum did. If I ever went back to live in the UK I'd probably be one of those people you hear about in the news from time to time (probably a made-up story in the Daily Hate) who reportedly gets fined for putting the wrong kind of rubbish in the wrong colour box. Life - and recycling - doesn't need to be that complicated. Mind you, the reason it's so much easier here (one recycling dumpster at the bottom of the complex for all cardboard, plastic, glass, metal, paper) is probably because of undocumented cheap Mexican labour to sort it all out.

Something as basic as recycling really doesn't have to as convoluted as that. That's what happens when bureaucrats and committees are allowed to have their head. Both the supermarket and the food co-op where I buy all my food have recycling bins outside, and the co-op has one for compost too. Besides that, I buy as much food as I can either loose (meat, fruit and veg) or from the bulk department rather than repackaged, and I reuse the plastic bags that both of those are put into.

I'm glad to say too, that Austin implemented a plastic bag ban a few years ago, although I've long since taken my food home in my backpack and a coolbag. You can still get paper bags for your groceries at the checkout, but not plastic supermarket bags, and not at other kinds of shops either. Now, that is a bit of a drag for me in one way because I haven't owned a kitchen bin for nearly ten years. I used to put one paper bag inside another and then line those with a plastic bag. Now I have to use just the paper bags, which means the floor can sometimes need cleaning a bit more often smiley - yuk

But I've got around that now by only putting dry stuff in the paper bags, mostly. Anything wet and grindable goes down the waste disposal (except most vegetable peelings which go in the freezer and then the compost bin at the co-op), and meat trimmings also go in the freezer until the bag is full, then the dumpster.

The Facepalm Thread

Post 265

Baron Grim

That's 7 bins.

Penn & Teller just added two more for an ad absurdum demonstration of this trend in recycling back in 2007. [NSFW: language]

The Facepalm Thread

Post 266

Bald Bloke

Well things change over here as well
Round Here

Food Waste for composting
The council supplies compostable plastic bags to put food waste in before putting in the small brown wheelie bin.

Other recyclables - 1 x big Green Wheelie bin
They did try multiple bins but then went back to collecting it in one go and sorting it at their recycling centre.

1 x big wheelie bin for general rubbish

The Facepalm Thread

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Hey, careful man, there's a Gosho here

Here's a street near to where I used to live in Manchester. I noticed this over the weekend while looking for something,-2.24606,3a,75y,350.2h,91.85t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1s8SvhzV7kcAk_lh6LywnGkA!2e0

No. Just no.

The Facepalm Thread

Post 268

Sho / Flo - what's the difference?

it's no problem at all - we've had bins like that here for around 20 years. They are emptied on a fortnightly rota. smiley - smiley

Where you have to pay separately in some places, the recycling is free and only the rest-waste is paid for (by weight using spiffy hi-tec bins and wagons) you'd be surprised how green everyone gets when it hits their wallets...

plus shops here are obliged to take back any packaging, so people routinely leave cereal boxes in the shop, etc etc.

The Facepalm Thread

Post 269

Baron Grim

smiley - offtopic

I just had a bit of fun finding my way via streetview clicks to get back to my hotel. smiley - laughsmiley - cheers

The Facepalm Thread

Post 270

Hey, careful man, there's a Gosho here

Although I despise Google because they'll probably turn into Skynet at some point, Streetview is an awfully good way to while away a few hours smiley - biggrin

I use it sometimes for finding filming locations of old TV programmes. For instance, here's a scene from Strangers, shot in the late 70s, on the other side of the park from where all those wheelie bins are The blue van is about to come screeching around the corner and Dennis Blanch will jump out and run into Alexandra Park.

And here's the location as it is now,-2.249182&spn=0.005949,0.016512&t=h&z=17&layer=c&cbll=53.448857,-2.249012&panoid=mgswlMcFjJgu-wOy7QZvbg&cbp=12,244.16,,0,5.79

The trees have grown a bit smiley - bigeyes

I don't remember seeing anything with Dennis Blanch in (except the Strangers spinoff, Bulman) until last year It's always a bit strange seeing someone go from young to old like that.

The Facepalm Thread

Post 271

Hey, careful man, there's a Gosho here
Several column inches devoted to whether the Red Arrows should have, were asked to, were ordered to, denied that they were asked to, change the colour of their smoke at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games from red white and blue to white and blue

smiley - facepalm

I think we have to accept now that with 24-hour news, every day is going to be a slow news day smiley - rolleyes

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