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Mum update (GB)

Post 841

You can call me TC (If this place is on its last legs, let's make those legs last)

Maybe you should get a block of Post-Its and stick them all over the kitchen and bathroom and hall saying that she is on antibiotics and they should read the carers' notes.

(sorry but that made me so cross that I could only think of radical solutions)

My sister has placed a huge digital clock in our Mum's kitchen - it must be for a waiting room or office or something. You can't avoid looking at it and it clearly says the day and the date. She has placed her tablets in a box with the days marked on it right next to the kettle so she remembers to take a dose a day. She is still looking after herself and manages OK, but we are worried that she will get forgetful about her tablets.

Mum update (GB)

Post 842

Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

It's a big worry, I think my mother got like that before her health deteriorated. It's a slippery slope from then on, with little shafts of sunlight among the many storms.

Most of Mum's regular carers have been commenting (to me) on her deterioration since the new year but maybe she will perk up when the antibiotics kick in smiley - sadface

Mum update (GB)

Post 843

Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor's been a while. Mum's fine, although we're having bizarre conversations. She is talking about her own father a lot (he passed before he was 60) and has been telling me things from her own childhood no other family members have heard about before, including the cats they used to have and their antics. My sister painted Mum's nails when she visited at the weekend, and I remarked on how pretty they looked. "Yes, I had them done at the Curzon" (then I read in the carer log that my sister had done them on Saturday). I didn't go on Saturday as usual as I was going to a wedding but before that my daughter #2 paid me a flying visit and we managed, finally, to swap Christmas gifts.

The house is causing me many a headache. I am still filling her weekly bath via the bathroom sink and a large jug, finally other family members have admitted there's a problem and have called in British Gas (8am tomorrow morning smiley - grr) and I've been left another list of things for them to attend to, bathroom towel radiator doesn't work and the thermostat on the kitchen radiator wants attention, etc. The back door wasn't closing properly last week, I was asked to call a firm to attend to it, which I did, but before that appointment my sister's husband refitted two screws in the door jarm and it works perfectly now. Rather than cancel the appointment with the double glazing firm I asked them to quote us for the replacement of a pane of glass in the small window at the side of Mum's patio doors which has been broken at least 2 years. The roofers came twice last week and Von left a message saying they'd finished (Saturday) but when I turned up Monday there was such a heaping pile of gunge and rubble in the drive that the key safe couldn't be accessed, I've no idea how the carers have been getting in???smiley - headhurts

I've signed up at the Carers Centre in Grimsby. Apparently I can claim free massages smiley - zen

Mum update (GB)

Post 844


Sounds like you need one GB. It is so sad when these things happen, and the practical things on top are so wearing. Take care,

smiley - hug

Websailor smiley - dragon

Mum update (GB)

Post 845

Dmitri Gheorgheni

Enjoy those massages! smiley - biggrin

Mum update (GB)

Post 846

Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

I reckon it'll be months before they actually kick in, I still haven't received any paperwork to complete and return with a passport photo - luckily I have already got the 4 photos (cost £5!!!) for renewal of my passport later this year as it runs out in March 2016.

British Gas turned up at 11am but the bloke was there until 1.30pm, and we need a new part which isn't covered by Mum's insurance, so they'll be back when that's been ordered and delivered...

smiley - runsmiley - tea

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