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What can we blame 2legs for?

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Metal Chicken

I blame 2legs for rotten floorboards and builder being unavailable to fix root problem for ages

What can we blame 2legs for?

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2legs "complete remission" ! - a thoroughly used sub. in a purple collar. Filthy funny and strange, apparently. incorruptible. - impervious to all known sanity. - cuddling a teddy. sometimes I am a cat.

I also blame 2legs for my floarboards... especially the varnished ones upstairs, specifically just outside teh bathroom, on the landing, where they are knackered due to having been taken up so many times, with pipe work etc being fixed... ; they're so damn noisey! and ... kinda broken... smiley - laugh

I also blame 2legs for waking up late... it oughta be only like nearly* midday.... lunch is gona be so late... smiley - doh

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