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What can we blame 2legs for?

Post 18821

Metal Chicken

I blame 2legs for rotten floorboards and builder being unavailable to fix root problem for ages

What can we blame 2legs for?

Post 18822

2legs - towel-folding bliss.

I also blame 2legs for my floarboards... especially the varnished ones upstairs, specifically just outside teh bathroom, on the landing, where they are knackered due to having been taken up so many times, with pipe work etc being fixed... ; they're so damn noisey! and ... kinda broken... smiley - laugh

I also blame 2legs for waking up late... it oughta be only like nearly* midday.... lunch is gona be so late... smiley - doh

What can we blame 2legs for?

Post 18823

The Thinker

I blame 2legs for my lack of energy due to my heroic energetic dreams which involve characters from Harry Potter, Middle Earth and Marvel where everyone has mutant/inhuman/magical powers and dresses both in long flower elegant robes and spandex costumes where there are exciting battle with orcs, wargs, giant bats and spiders as well as the nazgul using magical and mutant/inhuman powers. I wake up more tired than when I went to bed because of these exhausting dreams.

What can we blame 2legs for?

Post 18824

Cheerful Dragon

I blame 2legs for my lack of appetite over the past few days. Not only that, but when I did feel hungry today I struggled to finish a pizza that I normally wouldn't have any trouble with.

What can we blame 2legs for?

Post 18825


A little tincture of vino would have been nice this evening, but it's not worth the effort of going out in the rain. I blame 2legs for Novembery weather!

What can we blame 2legs for?

Post 18826

2legs - towel-folding bliss.

I blame 2legs for my unexpected energy levels today... I shouldn't be this bouncy two days after chemotherapy.... moved about a dozen guitars, and boxes of large monitors speakers, and boxes of junk from spare room to loft, shifted furnature about, dusted a years worth up of dust from shelving and tidied, and did other stuff too... smiley - weird I also blame 2legs for the one hour plus bath I just had and the vast quantity of LUsh bath products this involved, plus expensive coconut shampoos and conditioners, all going on hair that still may vanish any day now smiley - laughsmiley - weird I'd also like to blame him/her for the temptation of already cooked sausages sitting in the fridge which I cooked earlier smiley - droolsmiley - hotdog

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