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Petty Hates

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Cheerful Dragon

Nobody likes *a* smart arse. Lots of people like Smartarse.smiley - hug

Petty Hates

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Why is it that when I'm pottering about the house, I can hear the TV, yet every time I get a minute to sit down, the adverts come on.smiley - wah

smiley - cheersSmudger.

Petty Hates

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We wanted you to think that of course.

Makes it e@sier to control the factionals.

Then all you have to do is tie a string of tin cans to their tails, give the assembled group of factionals the idea that the ones with tin cans represent(s) a rival faction and they're off with a clatter! smiley - mouse

Petty Hates

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winnoch2 - Biding my time..

I clear my throat a lot. I just do. A petty hate of mine is when people think i am hinting something at them because I just cleared my throat. An example is when I'm walking behind someone in the street. I might be quite happily walking at the same pace as them, but then I clear my throat and the person assmues I'm trying to get their attention, apologises, moves aside, then I have to walk faster than I wanted to, so that I can keep ahead of them ! smiley - wah

Petty Hates

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Mr. X ---> "Do not disturb my circles!"

Just say you were clearing your throat for heaven's sake.

Here, like this: "Oh, no, I'm just clearing my throat. Pay of no mind."

smiley - pirate

Petty Hates

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Lusus - a national treasure

Alternatively, point at them, give them the evil eye and say 'I'm watching you!!' smiley - evilgrinsmiley - run

Petty Hates

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Mr. X ---> "Do not disturb my circles!"

smiley - rolleyes

People try so hard to avoid conflict that they just wind up creating even MORE conflict.

smiley - pirate

Petty Hates

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Dr Anthea - Artist, Ninja, Potter..?

todays Ph: that sort of sick nervous feeling that I get when I have to go into new situations... perhaps I should just go back to bed

Petty Hates

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loonycat - run out of fizz

smiley - towel
PH Not being able to relax or sleep long enough. Turns into a vicious circle smiley - yawn

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