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Petty Hates

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Sho / Flo - what's the difference?

TC in that case I don't think any self-respecting establishment would refuse them smiley - smiley

The lovely pub I go to in Köln has brillint children's dishes:
1) a smaller portion of any of the other dishes
2) the usual "nuggets/sausage/whatever and chips or mashed potato"
3) an empty plate so they can help themselves from their parents' plates

PH of mine: (bus related again, sorry) when you get on a bus in the morning (or any time, really) don't stand for half an hour arguing the toss about the company's pricing structure with the driver and thus delay the bus and make me miss my train.

The Ire and Wrath will descend

sub-PH - the nasty looks some other passengers gave me when I asked if the bus driver could start driving and argue the toss on the move instead of making me miss my train. Again.

not at all PH - the supportive looks from all other passengers and the driver smiley - smiley

Petty Hates

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I often wish I could ask for a smaller portion at a reduced price. Most restaurant meals are far more than I can manage.

It's not that odd to order a dessert with 2 spoons to share, is it?

Petty Hates

Post 14203

Mr. X

No, that's normal enough.

smiley - pirate

Petty Hates

Post 14204

Sho / Flo - what's the difference?

most restaurants will only have a problem with that if it's all you order smiley - smiley

PH today (and it makes me feel bad) there is a blind man who catches my train. He usually arrives just before me, and goes up the stairs in front of me. Then stops dead as soon as he gets to the top step, fumbles in his pocket for his phone then proceeds to look at something in his hand using the light from his phone (not a torch app, just the light from the screen). Right at the top of the stairs, causing everyone behind him to have to stop for around 2 or 3 minutes. Every flaming day.

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