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Sho - with added slapping hand

that is a good point, CD. That's where my gym is particularly good, we have a few disabled members, and they've had to be a bit creative with some things (there is no access to the upstairs facilities except via stairs - one of which is only for women, one which is a spiral staircase)

As to the women staircase: the owners are 3rd generation Turkish immigrants. After a few enquiries, and against their initial judgement, they have made a ladies only area which is accessible only from the ladies' changing room, because one of their mothers was moaning that their sister was getting a bit chubby (sigh). But she is shy, and wears a hijab and full length clothes. She wanted to use their gym rather than a competitor's place, but didn't want to use a gym that wasn't ladies only. So they made that compromise, and now there are several ladies who use the facility, not all of whom wear a hijab.

If they now get a request for a male only part, I'm guessing they'll try to accommodate it but I'm not sure how smiley - smiley

I was at my recently leanest/fittest when my car died on me and I had to cycle 5kms each way to the station so I could get to work. I could do that now but I'm just too darned lazy (plus i can read when I use the cross trainer which I can't when I'm out and about on my bike)

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Cheerful Dragon

Stairs can be an issue for me, but I can cope if it's only one flight. I like the idea of women only facilities for exercise, and it's good to hear about Muslim women going to a gym. I've read that exercise can be an issue for them because of their need to be modestly dressed at all times. Having said that, I read recently that House of Fraser in the UK have started stocking sportswear aimed at Muslim women, including hijabs. Some of the hijabs look quite funky.

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Cheerful Dragon

Oh, and regarding reading while exercising, I found that I can read while walking on a treadmill, but not while doing Freestep on my Wii-fit. Listening to music plays havoc with the rhythm of my steps, so I listen to an audiobook or other recording instead. Right now I'm working my way through the BBC Radio 4 production of This Sceptred Isle.

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Mr. Dreadful - Rainman?

PH: Anti-vaxxers. Especially the ones to a) blame autism on vaccines and b) treat autism as if it were some crippling condition that destroys lives.

smiley - grr

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