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Cheerful Dragon

My PHotD is medication side effects. I have to have blood tests to check if my medication is causing any problems. I had one recently and the liver function test results were abnormal, so they repeated the test - still abnormal. I haven't seen the GP to discuss the results yet, but I talked to my specialist nurse. It seems that abnormal LFT results can be a side effect of my medication. I checked for other side effects and it seems that the vertigo/dizziness I've been experiencing recently is another side effect.

This leaves me with a quandary. Vertigo is a notifiable condition, and you have to inform the DVLA if you suffer from it. I don't know if this is just if the vertigo is due to a medical condition or whether medical side effects are included. For now I'm going to take the approach of not driving at all. smiley - shrug

Petty Hates

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Pink Paisley

Paint that doesn't cover in one coat over pale colours.


Petty Hates

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I know what you mean, artsy-fartsy paint designers so obsessed with what they call 'transparency' that they can't grasp the necessity for opaque media with adequate '1 coat covering power'.

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