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Petty Hates

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It's just awful when people you've admired all your life shuffle off this mortal coil, I'm referring of course to the great Bobby Vee, news of his death has just come through my wife has simply adored him since we were kids, we got to see him in concert in the early sixties, just fantastic, he'll always be the boyish popster as far as my missus is concerned, same can't be said for me as she's watched my gradual disintegration from close quarters! Oddly, Dylan was an absolutely devoted fan of Bobby's, BV gave Dylan his first paid job as a pianist in his band! Makes me realise I've been playing 'More Than I can Say' for well over 50 years, Thank's and God Bless Bobby.

Petty Hates

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Cheerful Dragon

Losing someone you admire isn't really a Petty Hate, IMO. It's a fact of life. I could write quite a long list of people I admire who are no longer with us. I've reached the stage where I just say "How sad!", and possibly comment on their age when they died. (Anything under about 70 is too young, 80+ is a good age.)

It is a shame that Bobby Vee has died and I do empathise with his fans, just as I empathised with David Bowie's fans when he died. It's just that those deaths don't affect me to the same extent.

Petty Hates

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John Lennon: "The end of the death age!"

Philip Jose Farmer: The Riverworld series.

Far fetched as the latter may seem, I think it is in the realm of the possible and may one day come.

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