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Pedestrian crossings aren't standardized at all in the US. Most no longer spell out "WALK" or "DON'T WALK", most have stick figure icons, but they're typically both amber. Recently some crossings have countdown numbers above the walking person icon, which is handy for drivers as well as it can warn traffic that the light is about to change. Some intersections have gone so far as to put LED rings around the traffic lights that flash more rapidly before a signal change. But again, there is little standardization. Installing crosswalks is typically left to developers in suburban areas which just adds to the variation.

I was recently surprised and intrigued when I saw this video regarding the tactile sidewalk markings at UK pedestrian crossings to indicate the type of crossing for the visually impaired. Sometimes we have tactile paving at crossings, but I think it's so inconsistent that I can't assume it's meant to communicate anything.


And regarding animal crossings,
Ya know, they really shouldn't place deer crossings in such high traffic areas!
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