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I keep room temperature cans and bottles handy exclusively for the problem of ice fusing when I pour a pre-chilled beverage over it.

Also keep pre-chilled beverages handy for the purpose of mixing ice cream milk shakes. smiley - biggrinI like the little ice crystals in the shake one gets that way.

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You can call me TC

In America, everything is served with ice. So if I pay for a glass of, say, Coke, and ask for it without the ice, (don't like ice - too cold on my teeth) I am getting twice the amount for the same price, aren't I? Is there any ruling on this? If I order it WITH ice, I ought to pay half as much, surely?

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In many places, you can get unlimited refills of soft drinks at no extra cost, so maybe it's not such an issue. That, and the fact that the container usually holds much more than you can comfortably drink, anyway. smiley - laugh

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Pink Paisley

Draught cider in pubs over ice is that sort of con. I suspect that unlimited refills are not on offer.

(I've never tried ice in cider myself - seems wrong).


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"Two large gins, two pints of cider. Ice in the cider."

- Withnail.

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...like ice in the beer, only on a thirsty afternoon of ahot summer day, then drunk down quickly...

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Prefer to have the beer chilled properly smiley - winkeye

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Icy North

Chilled beer? smiley - yuk

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Icy, it's a funny thing but I like cold lager but can't stand cold beer, you can't taste it, it kills the flavour. This extra cold Guinness they're selling at many pubs now, it should be illegal! I'm not an advocate of warm beer, room temperature or a nice cool cellar ale is fine. I've got a mate, (mind you he's a fanatical CAMRA disciple) but he orders a pint 20 minutes before he drinks it, to let it warm up a bit, I must say I admire his self-discipline! Oh and these idiots that shovel scoops of ice into fizzy cider, don't get me started!

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People who reply to an email but on a totally different topic.

People not leaving equipment in the right place in work stations. I'm fed up with finding stuff missing/misplaced when I arrive to work.

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Baron Grim

Pseudoscience and quackery reported as legitimate health news on tv news reports.

I just watched a story about "cryotherapy" being offered at some chiropractors, offices and spas to treat pain. It consists of getting naked, except for mittens, and standing in what looks like a shower stall while super chilled air is pumped around you. In the story the reporter cautions users to be sure to make sure to go to someone "trained and licensed". "Trained and licensed" for what? B.S.?

Apparently a Las Vegas spa employee was found dead in one of these chambers.

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Quote...."People who reply to an email but on a totally different topic. "

My solicitor has been doing that for years!smiley - winkeye

smiley - cheersSmudger.

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