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Petty Hates

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Yeah, definitely with you on the cycle gloves thing.

Petty Hates

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Icy North

Why can't you ride a bike with a bog-standard pair of Thinsulates? It's not like you're playing the piano or anything.

Petty Hates

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Extremities get really bloody cold when cycling in cold weather- there's an in-built wind chill.

Having said that, I have no problems with changing gear with any of my winter gloves. smiley - erm

Petty Hates

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For example, I once went from here (Cardiff) to Swansea and back on a day in March 2013 when the original ride I'd planned from Oxford got snowed off. Back in Wales it was just freezing.

1 mile from my house I went to a Tesco on the way back and decided I couldn't be arse to put my gloves back on as they were wet and fiddly when I got out.

This was a MISTAKE.

One mile later at my house I had to take ACTION to prevent what felt like frost bite. I certainly had chill blains.

Petty Hates

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Most of the time though, thinsulates would work provided you don't fall off or want to go any real distance.

If you fall off, the first thing you do is put your hand out. Stripping of hand skin is probably the most common cycling injury, closely followed by knee scrapes.
Secondly- if you cycle long distances you lean on your hands, your bars are hard - you get cyclists palsy - numbness of the fingers and palms (like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome). So cycling gloves are padded to reduce the risk.

Petty Hates

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Baron Grim

That's one thing I love about my recumbents is that there's no stress on my hands and wrists. They're destroyed enough already.

That was one of the main reasons I got my first recumbent was all the pain in my wrists and hands. Also neck and seat. I was amazed how I felt on my first ride on it, 20 miles and no pain at all. On my previous bike, 5 miles was about my max. Of course that bike was more uncomfortable than most. It was a Fuji folding mountain bike I got from saving Marlboro miles. (I don't miss the smokers cough either.) The dimensions of that bike really didn't fit my short legged, long torsoed body. smiley - alienfrown

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