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Documentaries which use an obvious soundtrack. Whenever they look back to the dawn of humanity, they will use ominous, foreboding music; surely people knew how to have fun back then? I'd like to see an anthropology documentary set to the Benny Hill theme.

Petty Hates

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I saw quite a dreadful documentary a few years ago, entitled 'When Dinosaurs Ruled... Europe', part of the 'When Dinosaurs Ruled...' series. As well as the terribly predictable soundtrack (jungle drums – not that dinosaurs are known for their love of percussion) they introduced their discussion on dinosaur discoveries in Spain by showing a shot of the Needles, Isle of Wight. It isn't even remotely close.


Petty Hates

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Pink Paisley


'not that dinosaurs are known for their love of percussion'.

Not that the percussion section here is of the highest quality, but on the whole, this is pretty percussive. There are a few glimpses of dinosaurs here playing drums. Provided that you don't get distracted by the, er, mammals.



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Dr Anthea - Artist, Ninja, Potter..?

Sunday service public transport

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swl - Cool! I live on a battlefield

Waking up to a house covered in feathers because the cats brought a bird in to shred last night smiley - sadface

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The feral cats having deserted the place, the kangaroo rats having a population explosion.

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