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Tradition probably

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KB - please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a mushroomwraith of wealth and taste

Because they are the easiest feathers to find.

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Florida Sailor -Na Jo Po Mo!!

smiley - erm perhaps because smiley - dog and smiley - cat don't have featherssmiley - shrug

F smiley - dolphin S

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Dr Anthea - Artist, Ninja, Potter..?

no idea how reliable this is but :

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Sho / Flo - what's the difference?

PH today: colleagues who want something from you, that isn't really in your area of responsiblity. Then expect you to run around gathering the information that they have so that you can answer.

The slapping hand is out to get them...

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PH: cold toilet seats.

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Mr. X---> "God defend me from my friends, from my enemies I can defend myself."

Unflushed toilets.

smiley - pirate

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Cheerful Dragon

'Economy flush' that doesn't even get rid of the toilet paper.

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You can call me TC (Granny AND Granny-to-be)

>>Website logins which take you to a home-page instead of returning you to the page you logged in from <<

We've had that one before. h2g2 is one of the culprits.

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