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Petty Hates

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Ask him if this has ever happened to him too: http://www.gmp.police.uk/live/nhoodv3.nsf/SocialTwitterFeed/142507E0EA26997A80257D810028E5D7

Petty Hates

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Mr. Dreadful - Neurodiversity, chaos magick, and cake

Apparently now I have told him to change his appearance to avoid harrassment. No, I said that women don't have a choice. Not the same thing. This guy has met me, so knows I do not present myself conservatively. In fact, I am marginally more 'alternative' on a daily basis than he is, yet I don't get harrassed on the street. Maybe it's an attitude thing?

Petty Hates

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You can call me TC (Granny AND Granny-to-be)

>>When Brits and Americans argue about petty things like which side of the road is superior for driving on and odd tidbits of slang.<<

Haven't we grown out of that yet? I'm sure that if it does happen it's either in jest or by someone who's under 15.

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Driving on the right/left? I am continually swapping. smiley - shrug Live with it. Surely having to speak a different language when you go to another country is more of a challenge.

Petty Hates

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It doesn't matter what side of the road you drive on, cycle instead or go by train.smiley - tongueout


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