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Petty Hates

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PH: Dead rodents. I think something must have died in the utility room, because there is the unmistakable smell of mushy peas mixed with urea and sweaty feet. smiley - ill

Tomorrow morning I'll need to haul all the units out and find the cause, and give the place a damn good clean. It's a lethal smell.

Petty Hates

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Aye! I can remember the smell of a dead rat, as when I bought our first house, there was a sickly smell, which was so strong, you couldn't stay in the area for long.

When I lifted the floor boards, I found a massive dead rat, that had got stuck behind a cross beam, as it was heading for the damp patch at the front door.

The damp patch was there due a leaking guttering, and the rat had been poisoned in the bakery behind the house. Apparently the poison makes them very thirsty.

Once I had removed it, the house smelled a lot better.smiley - winkeye

smiley - cheersSmudger.

Petty Hates

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You can call me TC

smiley - blush I just posted this in the wrong place. Whoops

Going back a few pages - I keep getting e-mails from facebook (and LInkd in) and various other SM sites I've never even looked at, let alone registered with.

Well, I tell a (little) lie. Once there was a link to facebook from here which I followed - this must be some years ago now. Before I could even read what I was sent there for, it asked me if I knew "these people" - and there were pictures of 10-12 people, about two-thirds of whom I DID know. That scared me off for life, and I closed the window immediately.

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