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Do you have a question that's crying out for an answer or a burning issue that you think needs discussing? This is your hotline to the h2g2 community.

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From the Editors

The place where the H2G2 Editors make hugely important announcements about the site. Or they might just want to tell you what they had for lunch.

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Flea Market

A treasure trove of unfinished or discarded Entries waiting to be plucked off the shelf, given a polish and submitted to the Edited version of the site.

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Games Room

Word games, brain teasers, puzzles. A place to pit your wits against other folk, play mental gymnastics or talk about games and gaming.

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Miscellaneous Chat

Questions without answers, rhyme without reason. If you like to talk about anything and everything, relevant or irrelevant, then this is perfect for you.

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Science Explained

Ever wondered why the sky is blue? Or what String Theory is, and whether it can help you find a girlfriend? Our SExperts might have the answer...

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How do I?

If you want to know how to do something, anything, ask away. Someone is bound to know exactly how it should be done.

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