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Behind the Scenes at The Post

As some of you may have noticed, The Post has become quite a hive of activity in recent months. From its faltering first steps way back in December 1999, it has grown not only in stature but also in associated pages - the archives, the club lists, competitions, information pages etc.

Behind the facade of the Post Office there are various editors1 who beaver away to keep all the pages updated and publish a sparkling new edition every week; The Post Team can be contacted through the Post Office. Work on The Post doesn't just happen on the day of publication, but throughout the week as they trawl the site for suitable items, chivvy their regular writers, organise artwork, answer queries, emails and forums and generally try to keep on top of things. They also do a fair bit of writing themselves! What was once an evenings' work has expanded to the equivalent of a full-time job.

No Deadlines

There are no deadlines. Submissions will be published as soon as possible, but in order to balance the content of each issue, we will sometimes carry them over to a later issue. As always, there is one exception to the rule, though: for reasons beyond our control, photos or cartoons should be with us no later than Wednesday, noon GMT if they are to be blobbed for the next issue.

We Need You

Many researchers around h2g2 are under the misapprehension that writing for The Post is an elitist occupation. Of course, we have our regular contributors who valiantly come up with a column week after week and without whom this rag would probably fold. But we also welcome occasional articles from anyone else too!

Of course, we always welcome new writers who have an idea for a regular slot, whether weekly or monthly but, above all, we are keen for more of the one-off scribblings of you the reader.

Did you know, for example, that The Post can be a good place to try out your proposed Guide entries? Not only will your spelling and syntax be checked for you, but also that awkward coding that might elude you can be added. We would only ask that the piece is complete and that your facts are accurate. You may have an idea, but not be sure how to proceed... publish your thoughts and ask for help.

Personal Experiences

Many experiences in everyday life are not always appropriate for inclusion in the Guide... there is that rider that writing should not include many, if any, 'I's. So, a story about your child's fun and games when first trying to ride a bike without stabilisers, the experience of a tricky job interview or a heartfelt item about problems in another country may well not travel any further than your 'My Space' journal.

Talking of travel, have you been somewhere different connected to your job, attended a concert, cheered at a sports event or just taken a holiday recently? Share your experiences... and one or two photographs2... with the community. The Post is more then happy to include these as part of the rich tapestry of life.

Then... all those clubs, societies, appreciation pages, inter-active quizzes and adventures, polls, votes, drinking dens! To thrive they need visitors and how better to attract visitors then to let people know about them from here?

Poetry is big on our hit list. From Vogon to prose, limericks to poems, your versifying3 is always welcome.

Fiction is also a valued part of each edition. Whether you can summon up the energy to write a complete series or just have a one-off item, it will be welcomed.

If, on your journey around h2g2, you spot something which you think would be suitable as a Post item, then drop by the Office and alert the staff. They will check it out and ask the owner for permission to use it. Maybe you know someone who likes to write poetry, stories, limericks, lyrics... all these are most welcome.

Contributing to The Post is Easy!

Pop a message in at The Post Office4 or use the convenient Post Box provided here, on the Post Front Page and also at the Post Office. You should receive a response asap. The preferred format would be in the body of the email, although you can send it as a text file(Notepad or Wordpad as opposed to Word if you prefer), although we are happy to *lift* writings from pages if that is easier for you.

Reaping the Rewards

  • Regular contributors are also eligible to display the 'Official h2g2 Post Reporter' Badge on their homespace!
  • You will be fully credited as the author/contributor and the Post version of your item will appear on your homespace as an unedited entry.
  • Your article will be included in the expansive Archives.

Obviously The Post is bound by the same rules as the rest of h2g2, so we ask that you try not to include anything which may be unsuitable or in breach of copyright.

This page updated on 27th October 2010.

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1The original two being Shazz and Greebo.2Limited, in most cases, to scenic pictures or ones of historical value - confirmation of permission to use same will also be required. Only photographs taken by researchers will be allowed in order to conform to copyright issues.3Provided they aren't too explicit of course!4The link for this is always at the bottom of every Front Page.

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