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Enjoyed the latest episode enough to not bother looking for the usually blatant plot holes. Not a great fan of Ms Hawes, but the rest of the supporting cast were unusually good.

My thoughts about the Capaldi close was that it was delivered in a slightly Matt Smith cadence. This could just be about re-integrating the past personalities, or it may be more.

I wonder if each copy of his phone number he hands out is a potential new story too.

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SashaQ - towel - don't panic!

"Well, that was nowhere near as scary as expected.

I'm not sure I enjoyed it all that much. I'm probably missing something really obvious but to me it didn't even really make much sense. I was willing to accept the existence of whatever was under the blanket but that seemed to be negated by what Clara said at the end. And how could she have left him with the soldier, wouldn't that create some kind of paradox or something? Even with my "some things just have to be taken on trust" attitude to watching, it didn't seem to hang together. "

I watched Listen out of sequence, so I read this thread today. I found the episode scary because it is one of my fears, about the dark - when I was very young, I used to think there was something (that could well have been a dalek) at the top of the stairs, so I had to run past the stairs at night in case it started trying to get me... These days I struggle to persuade myself to go to bed, and worry about the noises of the house, and I also sometimes at night feel a sensation that reminds me of when my late partner used to ruffle my hair at the back of my neck smiley - loveblush so I found the episode good because of the factors relating to that...

I agree with your assessment of the episode as a whole, though, deb - I was confused by the soldier at the end, too, although I forgot about the blanket thing until I read this thread as I watched the episode in two pieces.

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deb - 34 down, 40.5 to go...so slow, so slow

I thoroughly enjoyed Saturday's episode. The danger seemed incidental to the interactions between the Doctor, Clara & Danny. I really feel like I'm "getting" Peter Capaldi's Doctor now, which is a relief because it felt like I was going to lose interest completely for a while there.

Deb smiley - cheerup

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Just Bob aka Robert Thompson, plugging my film blog cinemainferno-blog.blogspot.co.uk

He was *really* grumpy in this episode. Really, coming dangerously close to actively dislikeable. In fact, I am not sure whether I have seen Capaldi's Doctor do anything properly likeable except the obvious plot stuff of saving the day.

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Surely 'nice' can get a little bland? I quite like the grumpy Doctor, and was delighted to see that the big baddy of the episode looked just like the old Ref Bot from 'Robot Wars'.

The plot thickens with the Missy afterlife/promised land thingy - now we see someone there who hadn't even met the Doctor.


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